Hindu Mantra to Destroy Evil - 2

This is among the most fearsome and powerful Hindu mantras for enemy annihilation. It according to me ranks along with the Baglamukhi Mantra as the most destructive weapon used by the practitioners of the Black Tantra in India. This is a special Sadhana to destroy evil and not for normal and casual use. The mantra invokes Kaal Bhairav to release certain destructive entities to meet the purpose.

The Sadhana is also fearsome; the Tantrik takes 21 pieces of Guggul and 21 Red Kanheri flowers. He then goes to a Smashan Bhoomi and offers 1 piece of Guggul and 1 Kanheri flower to a burning funeral pyre; while chanting this Mantra. He continues the Sadhana till he has offered all the pieces of Guggul and the flowers to the funeral pyre. This Sadhana is practiced for 21 days continuously; without a break.

Such experiments are practiced by certain sects of Aghori Tantriks who have mutated their minds into being neutral to all sensory feelings. The normal Satvik Saadhak had better stay away from such Sadhanas.

A mantra for enemy annihilation
Hindu Mantra to Destroy Evil - 2

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  1. Guruji Neelji,

    I wish to know, whether it is safe to energise Baglamukhi yantra and pray daily or only on Tuesdays of every week? 2ndly, is there any other risks involved in this pooja? Will i be facing any paranormal experiences, as i had faced in Rahu yantra puja? Also, what time of the day or nite is ideal to pray for this yantra? Still do i need a guru for this sadhna on daily pujas? Kindly reply, will be highly appreciated!
    Girish Lawyer

    1. Once the Yantra is energized there is no need to energize it once again; it is a one time Sadhana. You can worship the Bagalmukhi Yantra on Tuesdays. There is no need for a Guru to do this Sadhana.

    2. Guruji Neelji

      I wish to learn the kalla pishachini vidhya can u explane the process to learn the vidhya with full details to my mail id kiranrp2012@gmail.com

  2. Hi, since 15 years i am try to find out one very secret mantra with the help of this mantra you can understand Birds&Animals language. if you have any idea about this mantra please help me. my email id is "dreamofsuraj@gmail.com" Thanks in Advance


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