Narayan Mantra for Fulfillment

This is a 2 line Abhang of Sant Tukaram Maharaj; which is chanted just like any other mantra to fulfill the desires of your mind and make dreams true. These lines penned by great saints and realized masters who had achieved the elusive state of oneness with God have magical and supernatural properties attached with them; this is the experience of many of their devotees.

This simple 2 line Abhang is the invocation of Narayana; by Sant Tukaram. It is composed in the Marathi language of the middle ages. The meaning is that nothing is impossible for Narayana; the one breathing life into the lifeless.

This Abhang is to be chanted 108 times daily with devotion towards Sant Tukaram. This will lead towards Fulfillment.

A wish fulfilling mantra
Narayan Mantra for Fulfillment

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