Best Brain Mantras

Brain Mantras are those which mantras which stimulate the brain into expanding and working to its full potential. Normally it has been observed that the human brain is utilized to only a fraction of it actual capacity as it has forgotten its true function and what it was really intended to do.

We think and live in fragments and hence fragment the brain. The brain then functions and fluctuates between the various fragments; the child, parent, the teacher, the employer, the employee and numerous such roles which man simultaneously plays in his life; like an actor. In between playing these roles it forgets its real capacity and becomes fragmented.

There are numerous ancient Indian Mantras which are said to stimulate and enhance brain capacity and make it function as a whole. There are mantras for everyone including senior citizens, children, student, scientists; amongst others.

A lot of such mantras dedicated to various Indian deities have been given on this site. Readers have time and again requested that these should be bunched together; hence I have created a separate section and put the best Brain Mantras in one place. There are still many other mantras and remedies given on this site; you can consult them if they wish.

Saraswati Worship-Mantras
Maha Ganapati Mantra for students
Ganesh Mantra for Parents of Students
Mantra-Tantra for Unsuccessful Students
Ganesh Mantra for Knowledge
Ganesh Mantra to progress in Science
Shri Ganesha Totka to Pass Examinations
Mantra to relieve tension before an examination
Shri Krishna Mantra to Pass Exams
Mantra for Mental Growth
Mantra for less intelligent children
Helpful Mantras for Children
Rasayana Mantra
Mantra to increase memory power
Mantra Experiment for Expanding Memory
Mantra to increase brain power
Mantra for brain power - 2
Mantra to stimulate brain activities
Mantra for brain and mind expansion
Mantra for Confident and Clear Voice
Mantra to become knowledgeable person
Astrology Mantra for Students
Gayatri Mantra Sadhana for Students
Gayatri Mantra for Stubborn Children
Yantra for Intellect and Memory
Yantra for Student to Concentrate on Studies
Talisman to strengthen Mind
Charm to increase intelligence
Mantra to remove Mental Disturbance
Vashikaran Mantra to Win Scholarly Debates
Shri Krishna Vidya Gopal Mantra Sadhana
Yantra for Getting Wished For Knowledge
Durga Saptashati Mantra for Satisfaction
Vedic Mantra for Excellence in Studies and Sports
Mantra for Gaining Superior Intelligence
Dakshinavarti Shankh Mantra for Mind Power
Mantra to become knowledgeable as Dev Guru Brihaspati
Edible Yantra for Brilliance
Yantra Mantra for Becoming Wise Person
Mantras for Gaining and Expressing Knowledge
Yantra to Center the Mind and Concentrate
Mantra for Slow Learner Child
Remedy for Students who have lost interest in Studies
Mantra to Get Spiritual Knowledge During Lunar Eclipse
Mantra to Make the Mind Strong and Vibrant
Mantra for Giving a Great and Inspiring Speech
Mantra Sadhana to Cleanse and Strengthen Mind
Mantra for Becoming Quick Witted
Mantras to Become a Poets and Experts
Yantra for Memory and Focus
Ramayana Sloka to Increase Intelligence in Just 3 Chants
Beej Mantra for Hypnotic and Attractive Voice
Beej Mantra to Increase Mind Power
Specific Mantra to Pass in Exams
Effective Yantra to Progress in Education


  1. Dear sir, could you help me out of this matter,I could find myself lack to concentrate in my studies and I can not retain things,I request you gratefully please give me any powerful mantras or paranormal remedies to remove me from this obstacles. Thank you for your consideration.

    1. There are many such mantras given in this section as well as the Saraswati and Ganesha mantra section, you can have a look and select one of them.

  2. sir mera mind stdy ki trf ni jata mujhe kuch btao

  3. Sir, I sort of feel lazy to study... As such I am a very active girl but coming to studies I procrastinate... N feel exams are not going tp harm me even wen I hav studies nothing... Plz giv me a solution sir....

  4. Dear Neeli,
    My daughter is aged 6 years now. she is having attention deficit and hyperactivity ADHD, till now she is not speaking properly nor sitting in one place in school as a result she is in the special needs class. After consulting child psychologist, giving her medicines for last 2 years and done speech therapy. please help with any remedy or mantras. seeking your help desperately.

    1. There are many useful Mantra for Children given on this site. You can try a Mantra from this section or one which can be see here--

  5. I do admit all these are very powerful Mantras. But my point is that did anybody tried and succeeded and got fruitful results

  6. Dear sir can you help me please, do you have any mantra for removing mental blockages or mantra for remembering blocked memories. Thank you in advance!!

  7. Could u help me to increase my memory b coz my memory is very vey shot


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