Ramayana Sloka to Increase Intelligence in Just 3 Chants

The Mantra described in this post is the first Sloka or the Root Verse of the Valmiki Ramayana that has also been attributed with the powers of bestowing true knowledge and sharpening the mind of the chanter.

This Sloka is also considered as the root verse of all Sanskrit compositions.

The Sloka is actually a Shaap or curse that spontaneously originated from the Mukh or mouth of Maha Rishi Valmiki when he saw a couple of Crane Birds mating. Suddenly a hunter’s arrow struck and killed the Male Crare Bird.

Then, Maha Rishi Valmiki spontaneously cursed the hunter by way of the Sloka, which means that the hunter would never find any peace because he had killed love.

The Ramayana was composed using the same Chhanda – छन्द or Meter which is a specific rhythm or vibration.

Practitioners of Mantra Shastra will no doubt know about Rishi, Chhanda, Mantra Devta, Utkeelan and Beej components of most Sanskrit Mantras. Readers can also see the articles published in the section on - Articles about Indian Mantras and Prayers

Thus, Maha Rishi Valmiki has created the perfect Chhanda for composing the Ramayana which describes the Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram who is the personification of perfection.

The method of chanting this Sloka to increase intelligence is given below for the benefit of those wishing to enhance their brain powers

The Sloka has to be chanted 3 times in the morning daily, immediately upon waking up in the morning before speaking to anyone. That is all that should be done, nothing more.

I would like to add that the Sanskrit language is not just any other language but a device or program that has the capacity to unlock anything. Hence, the Chhanda or vibrations have to be perfect if one wishes to unlock the powers of these Mantras.

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    1. "मा निषाद प्रतिष्ठां -----काम मोहितं "यही दो पंक्तियों का श्लोक है

  2. Sir,
    How can Chanda be read..it has to be heard for right chanting...


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