Vashikaran Mantra using Kali Haldi Tilak

I had written about the paranormal uses of Kali Haldi or Black Turmeric as this substance is called in the English language. In this post, I will explain a simple Vashikaran Vidhi for influencing powerful persons using Kali Haldi by applying a Vashikaran Tilak on the forehead.

Kali Haldi as has been many times described in earlier posts is a substance that is believed to possess very strong supernatural powers and this is the reason why it is used in a variety of Tantrik Totke, including those related to Vashikaran, Dhan Akarshan and Astrological Remedies for removing Graha Dosha and Shani Peeda.

In the recent past, I had written about a simple Vashikaran Mantra that can be seen here - Most Simple Vashikaran Mantra Experiment for Fascination Powerful Persons

Vashikaran Mantra using Black Turmeric Tilak

This Vashikaran Mantra Prayog infused the Thuk or spit of the practitioner and used that spit to apply a Vashikaran Tikka or Tilak on the forehead in order to cast a very strong Vashikaran Spell on any desired person, including a powerful person.

In order to make the Vashikaran Prayog even more powerful and effective, the practitioner can mix his spit with a pinch of Kali Haldi to make fine paste and infuse that Kali Haldi-Spit Paste by taking it on his right-hand thumb and chant the Vashikaran Mantra 7 times and then apply a Tilak of the paste on his forehead before going to meet the desired person.

Like the basic Vashikaran By Thuk Mantra Prayog, this Vashikaran Vidhi hardly takes any time or effort to practice and there is no Siddhi Sadhana or Puja-Vidhi needed for practicing this Vashikaran Prayog.

Many Tantriks advise that a simple Kali Haldi Tilak on the forehead can also be effective for the purpose of attracting any desired person. However, a Vashikaran Mantra Infused Tilak will definitely be much stronger.

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