Paranormal Uses of Horse, Mule and Donkey in Tantric Practices

In this post, I have written about the use of the body parts of Horses, Mules and Donkeys in Tantra Shastra and some paranormal experiments practiced by Tantriks and others practitioners of Voodoo and Occult Spells in India.

Uses of the Body Parts of Horses in Paranormal Experiments
1] In order to prevent mosquitoes from entering a room some Hairs of the tail of a Horse are tied together and hung with a thread near the entrance of the room.

Paranormal Uses of Horse, Mule and Donkey in Tantra Shastra

2] In order to remove Black Magic, Evil-Eye and other malefic energies and vibrations from the body or surroundings of a possessed or affected individual, a portion of the Hoofs or Rhode Kr Thur as they are called in Hindi are burnt and the smoke is directed towards the body of the affected person.

This exorcism ritual is practiced during the specific period of the Ashwini/Ashvini, which is [the constellation Beta Arietis.

This exorcism ritual also involves the use of an Exorcism Mantra, which was described in a post that was published a few years back. That post can be seen here – Exorcism Mantra Ritual for the Removal of Black Magic

3] In order to prevent grinding of teeth during sleep or Bruxism, which is the medical term for this disorder a tooth of a Horse is kept under the pillow at night to give relief to the person suffering from this disorder.

Uses of Body Parts of Mules in Paranormal Experiments
1] The teeth of a Mule are attributed with the powers of attracting money. It is said that if a person keeps a tooth of a Mule in his pocket, his pocket will never be short of money.

This paranormal experiment was described in an earlier post along with some other uses of the body parts of Mules. This post can be seen here –  Paranormal Properties of the Body Parts of Mules

2] If a portion of the flesh of a Mule is burnt in a particular place, it is said that no work or job will ever be completed successfully in that particular place and the place will not be lucky for performing any new task.

This is a Tantrik Totka that is practiced in order to trouble and create problems for enemies, rivals or competitors.

Use of the Body Parts of Donkeys in Paranormal Experiments
There are a few Tantrik Totke, which are practiced using the Hoofs and Nails of Donkeys in order to get relief from epilepsy.

A simple paranormal remedy for getting relief from epilepsy. is to wear a ring containing a nail of the right front foot of a donkey in the ring finger of the right hand.

Notes- This article has only been written to give information about Indian Paranormal and Tantrik Practices and not to advocate their use or cause harm to Horses, Donkeys, and Mules.

Many such Paranormal and Tantrik Experiments can be seen in the sections on Paranormal Experiments and Indian Paranormal Beliefs


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