Coconut Camphor Ritual for Peace and Prosperity

A simple but effective paranormal ritual called the Karpur-Nariyal Homam using a Coconut and Camphor or Kapoor for removing negativity and sadness and bringing peace, prosperity, and happiness into the home has been described in this post.

This Totka will also bless the practitioner with the essential necessities of life, including money. It will also bring about an increase in the mental capacity of the practitioner and enhance his ability to react quickly to any situation by removing the dual mindset from his mental framework.

Karpur-Nariyal Homam

The Vidhi for practicing this ritual has been described below for the benefit of those wishing to practice this paranormal remedy.

1] This ritual can be started on any Purnima or Amavasya and should be practiced daily in the morning and evenings.

2] The coconut should be skinned with only the upper tuff remaining on the head of the coconut.

3] Then, the coconut should be placed in front of a photo or Murti of the Ishta Devta and a tablet of camphor should be placed on the coconut and lit and the practitioner should keep chanting the Mantra of his Ishta Devta.

4] Before the camphor tablet is extinguished, the practitioner should keep another tablet on the fire and keep chanting the Mantra of his Ishta Devta.

For example, if the Ishta Devta of the practitioner is Sai Baba, he should chant any small Mantra of Sai Baba, like Om Sai Ram or if the Ishta Devta is Hanuman, he can chant Jai Hanuman or any other favored Mantra of Hanuman and so on.

5] The coconut should be replaced on every Purnima and Amavasya, which means that the same coconut should be used for 15 days.

6] The old coconut should be distributed as Prasad to all family members or used in the preparation of food. If by chance the coconut has been spoilt, it should be immersed in water.

Note- More paranormal remedies of all kinds can be seen in the various sections on Paranormal Remedies.


  1. Dear Sir,
    You have not mentioned after 4th step that how many camphor tablets should be put in total in morning and evenings daily or how many minutes we have to do the ritual?
    Hoping for the early reply.


  2. So this means that 2 camphor tablet one after another, and mantra chanting should be done continuously till the 2 ND camphor gets extenguished..

  3. No.. It means that you keep lighting the camphor tablets as long as you keep chanting the Mantra or Stotra of your Isht

  4. To all the queries above, as long as you feel devoted to your Diety You can keep chanting the mantra by placing camphor one after the other. Worship your Isht Devta and seek their blessings.

  5. Respected Guruji,
    I have a quick clarification, after lighting the camphor in the morning and eat non veg in the afternoon, can I still get inside my home Mandir and light a camphor fire in the evening. If it is wrong, can I take bath, brush my teeth and then enter the home mandir and follow as prescribed. Please guide us, earnestly seeking your response. Please Guruji kindly guide as this remedy has to be performed twice a day.

  6. Sir, what should we do if the coconut breaks after 1 or 2 days due to heat from camphor, should we replace or use the same for 15 days.


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