Yantra for Vashikaran, Money and Knowledge of Future

A very useful Numerical and Astrological Yantra having the three different uses of increasing attraction powers, getting money and wealth and getting the answers to future happenings in dreams has been described in this post.

The procedure of making and using this three in one Vashikaran+Wealth+Future Knowledge Yantra has been given below.

1] The Yantra should be prepared on a small square Gold or Copper Piece during the specific period of Vrishabha Lagna or Taurus Ascendant or when the Planet Shukra or Venus is in the Moon Sign or Chandra Rashi of Meena or Pisces.

Yantra for Attraction, Wealth and Knowledge of Future

2] After making the Yantra, it should be placed on a Chowki and Amber Dhoop and Camphor should be lit in front of the Yantra in order to energize it.

3] Then, it should be wrapped in a Cloth Tabeez and worn around the neck in order to gain popularity and wealth.

4] In order to get the answer to any desired question in a dream, the Yantra should be kept under the pillow, while sleeping at night.

Notes- The practitioner should take the following precautions when he is using this Yantra.

1] Celibacy or Brahmacharya should be maintained.

2] The practitioner should remove the Yantra from his body when he is going to the toilet or bathroom.

3] The practitioner should maintain cleanliness and hygiene and worship his Ishta Devta or Favoured Deity and use Attar or Perfume.

The numbers of the Yantra can be written in English or the mother-tongue of the practitioner.

Many such Yantras can be seen in the sections on Attraction and Mohini Yantras and Charms, Money and Wealth Yantras and Astrological Yantras and Talismans.


  1. Can you please explain me the step 1.i didn't understand

  2. Sir please help me.
    I want to know a simple remedy to get my wish fulfilled.
    My wish is that the government accepts the proposal for increasing the age limit of UPSC exams for the compensation as loss caused by CSAT.


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