Vashikaran, in simplified terms for the layperson, is an ancient Indian attraction technique comprising of certain occult rituals, including Mantra[vocal], Yantras[diagrams] and the use of herbs, minerals and other objects, all aimed at casting a Voodoo Attraction or Enchantment Spell on a targeted person or group of persons, including enemies and rivals. This Vashikaran binds the targeted person or persons, so that the practitioner can control them at will for the specific purpose he or she has in mind.

There are Vashikaran Mantras, Yantras and Vashikaran techniques that are suitable for all kinds of people. For example, people having a fearsome or aggressive temperament can use Aghori or Tamas Guni Vashiakran Sadhana to bind someone under a Vashikaran Spell or someone having a Passive of Godly temperament can use a Satvik or Pure Vashikaran Sadhana for the same purpose.

There are also special kind of Vashikaran Sadhanas for the facilitation of fast and early marriage or removal of problems and obstacles that are delaying or preventing marriages, including love, inter-cast, inter-religion marriages.

There are also numerous Vashikaran Mantras, which are dedicated to Hindu Gods and Goddesses like Vishnu, Shiva, Hanuman, Bhairava, Navnath, Kamakhya Devi, Bhagwati, Durga and Ganesha. These Vashikaran Mantras are most suitable for the true and dedicated devotees of these deities.

Apart from this, most of the Vashikaran Mantras and Tantras have originated from ancient Hindu scriptures like the Puranas, Vedas and the texts on Shabar Vidya.

For Muslims, there are Shabar Vashikaran Mantras, Yantras, Upay, Tone and Totke, which have originated from Islam or have been composed by Muslim Peers and Babas. The same is the case with the Vashikaran techniques that have their origin in Jainism.

The use and practice of Vashikaran Mantras, Yantras, Tantra, Upay, Tone and Totke and Voodoo Love Spells of all kinds, including Muslim or Islamic Vashikaran Mantras, Mohini Mantras, Sammohan Mantras, Akarshan or Attraction Mantras, Shabar Vashikaran, Vedic Vashikaran Mantras and Satvik Vashikaran Mantras have witnessed a mindbogglingly growth in the past few years in India and the countries, like USA, UK, Australia and Canada, which have a large population of persons of Indian origin.

Vashikaran has turned into a huge online business and there are Vashikaran Practitioners of all kinds, including Vashikaran Specialists, Vashikaran Tantriks, Vashikaran Voodoo Spell Casters and Black Magicians all over the Internet, offering their services for the purpose of attract, enchanting, binding or controlling a person or a specified set of person for the purposes of love, marriage, sex, business or friendship. Vashikaran is available in many languages such as English, Hindi, Sanskrit and Telugu just to name a few.

This site has been providing free of costs all sorts of Vashikaran techniques, including rare and unknown Vashikaran Mantras, Upay, Tone-Totke and Yantras since the year 2009 to its dedicated readers.

Readers should kindly not that even though many Vashikaran techniques have been classified as Achook or Infallible or Tried and Tested, success or failure in these Vashikaran Experiments ultimately depends upon the intensity and sincerity with which they are practiced by the practitioner.

Readers can view the sections mentioned below to find any sort of Vashikaran or related technique, which has been published on this site over the past few years.

Vashikaran Mantras of all kinds
Vashikaran Yantras and other Indian Occult Attraction Diagrams
Magical Indian Love Charms
Vashikaran Love Spells, Upay, Tone and Totke
Vashikaran Mantra and Remedies for Marraige
Muslim Vashikaran Mantras
Jain Vashikaran Mantras


  1. Hello sir my name is Sanjana Singh meri shadi ko abi ek saal bhi nhi hua h r meri saas mere aur mere husband k sath hmare hi room me soti h hume akele bilkul tym ni milta.Saas ko dur krne ka koi mantra ya totka btaiye plzz

  2. How to contact you?
    Need some guidance urgently

  3. Dear prophet666, I tried several vasikaran mantras of your site Prophet666, without succes, I had a feeling te energies of the mantra's always bounces back to my self (obsessive behavior). Even my goal was true love. What do I wrong? Is there a way to send the energy on the right way to the target person?

    Mostly I tried only the easiest mantra's. Please someone, guide me.

    1. please contact Mr. Sohanswamyjii via e mail id

    2. Namaste Neel jee ,
      There is some strong bad family influence on my Boy friend which is making him do back and forth in our relation from last 3 years . This is my Last hope to seek help . Any Vashikaran/ satvik mantra I can use to have a clarity in relation . ? Please do help .


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