Vashikaran Totke

Ancient Hindus Yogis and Sages in the early ages and thereafter the Saints of the Nath Sampradaya and its various offshoots discovered the power and potential of the various objects, including animal parts, herbs, flowers and plants in harnessing the vibrations and energies present in the atmosphere. These also discovered that various paranormal experiments, including Vashikaran, Akarshan and Mohini Vidya experiments could be performed using the various objects found in nature.

Such paranormal experiments are extremely commonplace in most parts of India and are known as Totke in the Hindi language. These Totkas make the use of all kinds of items and objects, including some rare and extremely difficult to find and with objects of everyday use.  Such Totke are suitable for the persons who do not know or are not fluent in Indian languages because they do not need any type of Mantra Siddhi or Sadhana to make these remedies successful.

Over the past few years, this site has published all kind of Totke for almost every purpose, problem and desire. In this section, are a selection of Totke, relating to attraction and enchantment, which do not need the Mastery of any kind of Vashikaran, Akarshan or Mohini Mantras.

Vashikaran, Sammohan Aur Mohini Vidya Ke Shaktishali, Saral, Achook Aur Aasan Totke, Gharelu Upay, Shabar Aur Musalmani Akarshan Tantra Aur Bina Mantra-Yantra Ka Akarshan.

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Vashikaran Spell to Captivate Women
Sun Worship to Attract Desired Lover
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Quick and Easy Vashikaran By Kali Haldi
Powerful Vashikaran of Anyone without Mantra
Vashikaran By Supari Gangajal and Blood
All People Vashikaran Remedies without Mantras
Vashikaran By Writing Name on Peepal Leaf
Vashikaran Remedies to Control Husband or Any Man
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White Magic Love Spell Using Om


  1. sri ji iwant good magic mantra

  2. Sir

    My tenant is not leaving my premises since 30years. I hv been asking him to leave since 4/5yrs now. I dont want to go to court. Please give some matra or remedy that is eaisly possible in city like delhi. Regrds

  3. Pranam Guruji

    Is there any totka to attract customers for a new business which I intend to start

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    How to contact you over mail or phone? I would like to avail your paid services.



    1. There are no paid services because this is a free platform, where other readers can answer your queries.

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    1. You can post your queries in the comments sections so that other Sadhaks or me can answer them.


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