White Magic Love Spell Using Om

In this post, I have written about a very effective and most powerful attraction experiment to cast a love spell on any desired man or woman by using the “Om” Maha Mantra to transfer the “thought-forms of Love and Affection” from the mind of the practitioner into the mind of the targeted person.

This is a most powerful attraction that can be termed as a Vashikaran or Mohan Prayog to captivate the attention and love of the targeted man or woman for the motive of love or marriage.

This Vashikaran Prayog is most suitable for those practitioners of the Vashikaran Tantra who wish to cast a Satvik or White Magic Love Spell on the desired lover or life-partner.

Casting this White Magic Love Spell will leave no side-effects or Bad Karma on the practitioner who should only cast this Voodoo Spell if his or her intentions are pure and honorable.

About this Vashikaran Prayog using Om to win the love and friendship of any person.

1] This attraction spell operates upon the principle of transfer of energy by way of “thought forms” from the mind of the practitioner into the mind of the targeted man or woman.

2] Om or Aum is the seed or basic sound of the Brahmand and Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva or the Universe and the Powers of Creation, Preservation, and Destruction. It is also the sound of the Atma and Parmatma or the Soul and the Over-Soul.

3] Om is used to infuse energy into most Hindu Mantras and Prayers and hence, it can also be utilized as a standalone Mantra to generate massive energy and vibrations.

4] This Mantra Prayog works on the principle of transfer of energy and if it is practiced with self-belief and confidence it will work most effectively in winning over the love and affection of the desired person.

5] However, the practitioner should harbor realistic expectations and refrain from casting this love spell on any unknown person, like a film heroine.

5] This is a tried and tested love spell and many people have benefited from it.

The method of practicing this Vashikaran Prayog is given below.

1] This remote attraction experiment can be practiced on any night, just before going to sleep.

2] There is no need to perform any kind of ritual or chant any Mantra or Prayer before casting this Vashikaran Love Spell.

3] The practitioner should bring a mental image of the desired man or woman in his mind and concentrating on the mental image start chanting Om-ॐ for about 20 minutes.

4] After the conclusion of the Om Chanting, the practitioner should go to sleep.

5] This White Magic Love Spell should be practiced only once on any specific person. However, if the need is felt it can be repeated after a gap of a week or so.

The Hindi language video of this Vashikaran Experiment can be seen on our YouTube Channel – मन ही मन में वशीकरण करने का सरल और आसान तरीका

Notes- All kinds of attraction spells, love charms, Vashikaran Mantras, and Yantras can be seen in the various other sections of this site.


  1. Sir, can I chant this Vashikaran mantra for a friend? If not, which ones can I chant for a friend? Please reply.

    1. You can chant the Mantra to gain the love of your friend, see the Attraction Mantras Section for other Mantras.

    2. Sir, I mean. How do vashikaran specialists chant for people, because normally the actual person has to chant right?

    3. वशीकरण मन्त्र को खुद जपना होता है। इसमें दो पक्ष होते हैं -एक वह व्यक्ति जो किसी को वश में करना चाहता है और दूसरा वह व्यक्ति जिसे वश में करना है। याने एक शिकारी होता है और दूसरा शिकार। वशीकरण स्पेशलिस्ट पैसा ठगते हैं ,धोखा देते हैं।

    4. Kya ye mantra mere pati ke saath wapis rehne ke liye kar sakti hoon? humara divorce ho gaya hain.


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