Hanuman Mantras for Strength and Health

In this post, I have written about two 3 words Mantras of Shri Hanuman for becoming free from diseases and ailments and becoming fit and healthy and for a gain of physical strength and removal of weakness.

These Hanuman Mantras can be very beneficial during this most trying and difficult period of the Coronavirus Pandemic during which many people have become weak or are fearful of being infected by the virus.

These Mantras are based upon Name Number – 26 Sarvarogahara and Name Number 51 – Vajrakaya, which have been described in the Shri Hanuman Ashtottara Shatnam Namavali or the 108 Names of Lord Hanuman.

Hanuman Mantra to get relief from diseases and ailment and become fit and healthy

This is an all disease removal Mantra Chant that can be beneficial in removing any kind of disease and ailment, including fear of being infected by diseases and viruses.

ॐ सर्वरोगहराय नमः ||
Om Sarvarogaharaya Namah ||

Meaning of the Mantra in Hindi and English: सर्व रोगों से आराम देने वाले श्री हनुमान भगवान को मेरा नमन / I Salute Lord Hanuman, who gives relief from all ailments.

The Hindi language video of this All Diseases Removal Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel – Sarva Rog Aur Beemari Nashak Hanuman Mantra 

Hanuman Mantra for strength and making your body as strong as Iron.

This Mantra can be very useful for making your body strong and powerful. It is also beneficial for people experiencing extreme weakness due to diseases and sickness.

People suffering from arthritics and chronic joints, knee or back pain will also find this Hanuman Mantra beneficial in relieving the pain and suffering.

ॐ वज्रकायाय नमः ||
Om Vajrakayaya Namah ||

Meaning of this Mantra in Hindi and English: वज्र जैसे मजबूत शरीरी वाले भगवान हनुमान को मेरा नमन। / I Salute Lord Hanuman whose body is as strong as the Vajra.

Vajra in the context of this Hanuman Mantra is the Vajra Astra, which is the Weapon of the King of the Gods Indra Deva. Bal Hanuman had received a Var or Boon from Indra Deva that his body will become stronger than the Vajra Astra. I will try to explain why this boon was given to Lord Hanuman in a future post.

A detailed Mantra Prayog using the same Hanuman Mantra was published a few years earlier on this site, it can be seen here – Hanuman Mantra to make your body as powerful as the Vajra Astra

Method of chanting both these Hanuman Mantras

The practitioner can chant both or any one of these Mantras for 10-15 minutes in the morning or at night before going to sleep.

The chanting of these Mantras can be started on any day and there is no need to perform any kind of special Puja-Vidhi.

The Hindi language video of this Hanuman Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel – Lohe Jaisa Majbut Aur Shaktishali Sharir Banane Ka Hanuman Mantra 

Note – You can see more such useful Mantras in the sections on Hanuman Mantras and Tantra and Health Mantras.


  1. It's been a long time since we last saw Hanuman mantra for physical strength on this site.

  2. सर्वरोग   नाशक हनुमान शाबर मंत्र --- ओम नमो आदेश गुरु को वीर बली हनुमन्त जी मुगदर दाहिने हाथ । मार मार पछाड़िये,पर्वत बायेँ हाथ ।। भूत प्रेत अरु डाकिनी, जिल्द खईस मसान । बचै न इनमेँ एकहू , निराकार की आन । दुहाई अंजनी की , दुहाई राजा राम चन्द्र की , दुहाई लछमण यती की । मेरी भक्ति गुरु की शक्ति , फुरो मंत्र ईश्वरो वाचा ।। विधि :- मंत्र का मंगलवार से जप प्रारम्भ करें। हनुमानजी की मूर्ति या चित्र के सामने दीपक और अगरबत्ती जलाकर  पूजन करें ।  21 दिन तक रोज एक ,तीन या पांच  माला जप करने से सभी रोगो से मुक्ति मिलती  है । । अगर किसी और के रोगनाश के लिये जप कर रहे है तो उसके नाम से संकल्प जरुर ले

  3. Humble request to u to please make more posts on Hanuman mantras for strength.
    For example, 'Om Hoom Hanumathe Vijayam'
    is also great mantra for strength and courage. Just chant 108 times a day.

  4. Thanks for. the health related mantra posting. They are the need of the hour

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