Hanuman Mantras to Remove Dangers, Sadness and Staying Calm

3 Most Powerful Mantras dedicated to Lord Hanuman for overcoming dangers, removing sadness from your life, and always staying calm and composed have been described in this post. These Hanuman Mantras are most beneficial for Devotees of Shri Hanuman for the betterment of their lives.

These Mantras are based upon Name Numbers - 50 – लक्ष्मणप्राणदात्रे / Lakshmanapranadatre, Name Number 17 - सर्वदुखः हरा / Sarvadukhahara and Name Number – 93 शान्त / Shanta which are described in the Shri Hanuman Ashtottara Shatnam or the 108 Names of Lord Hanuman.

All these 108 Names of Shri Hanuman as described in earlier posts are the most powerful and strong standalone Mantras for fulfilling specific objectives.

1] Hanuman Mantra to face all dangers, problems, and obstacles successfully

Shri Hanuman is also called Lakshmanapranadatre because he brought Lakshman back to life by carrying the Dronagiri Mountain on which the Sanjeevini Buti or the Life-Giving Herb was growing.

This is a very useful Mantra to protect oneself from sudden and unexpected dangers and calamities, including threats to life from enemies, accidents, and natural disasters.

ॐ लक्ष्मणप्राणदात्रे नमः ||
Om Lakshmanapranadatre Namah ||

Meaning of the Mantra: I salute Lord Hanuman who brought back the Life of Shri Lakshman श्री लक्ष्मण के प्राण वापिस लाने वाले श्री हनुमान भगवान को मेरा नमन।

Method of Chanting this Hanuman Mantra

The practitioner should chant this Mantra continuously until the danger is averted. In case, the practitioner apprehends any kind of danger or threat to his life in the future, he can chant the Mantra for 10 minutes in the morning or at night before going to sleep,

The Hindi language video of this Hanuman Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel – Achanak Aaye Ghor Sankat Ka Nivaran Karne Ka Shri Hanuman Mantra 

2] Hanuman Mantra to Remove All Sorrows and Sadness

This Lord Hanuman Mantra is very helpful in removing all sorrows and sadness that are making the life of the practitioner difficult and miserable, including sadness due to love or marriage related problems, money and job problems, or any other kind of problems.

This Hanuman Mantra can also give relief to the practitioner from chronic depression and anxiety.

ॐ ॐ सर्वदुखः हराय नमः ||
Om Sarvadukha Haraya Namah ||

Meaning of the Mantra: I Salute Lord Hanuman who removes sadness / सर्व दुखों का नाश करने वाले हनुमान भगवान को मेरा नमन।

Method of chanting this Hanuman Mantra

The practitioner can chant the Mantra for 10 minutes in the morning or at night or both these times depending upon his wishes.

1] Hanuman Mantra to Always Stay Calm and Composed

This Mantra is helpful in making the practitioner always remain calm, composed, and unruffled even in the most trying and difficult situations.

This Hanuman Mantra will also remove stress and tension and enable the practitioner to give his best in all that he does, including while participating in debates, giving speeches and presentations, giving exams and tests, and even while participating in sporting events.

ॐ शान्ताय नमः ||
Om Shantaya Namah ||

Meaning of the Mantra: I Salute Lord Hanuman who is always Calm and Composed / मैं हनुमान भगवान को नमन करता हूं जो हमेश शांत रहते है।

Method of chanting this Hanuman Mantra

The method of chanting this Hanuman Mantra is the same as the one given for the second Hanuman Mantra.

The Hindi Language video of the second and third Hanuman Mantra will also be published soon on our YouTube Channel.

Notes- See the section on Hanuman Mantras and Prayers for all kinds of Hanuman Mantras, Yantras, and Remedies.


  1. Sir, I know there are many mantras for beauty on your website but I'm wondering which ones can be chanted for someone else? Please sir, I am not thinking about myself, rather want to fulfill a friend's wish

  2. Namaskar Neel ji.
    My lover has left me yesterday because his ex-girlfriend returned to him.
    So he left me.
    I’m crying like a mad girl.
    I can’t stop myself from crying.
    I’m not feeling any thirst or hunger & no sleep.
    I’m just crying.
    Please give me some help to bring him back to me.

    1. Dont worry ,vese bhi there was no future and you know this but you are ignorant...If you love god the same way it will bring 100 times better person in your life

  3. हनुमान साधकों को इस बात का ध्यान रखना चाहिए कि हनुमानजी की किसी भी साधना के पूर्व उनके इष्टदेव श्रीराम का स्मरण अवश्य करना चाहिए।
    विपत्ति नाश,सम्पदा प्राप्ति,शत्रु से रक्षा,साधन सिद्धि ,ज्वर नाश आदि के लिए हनुमानजी के मंत्र इस प्रकार हैं ,जिनका यथाशक्ति जप करना चाहिए ---
    १-भय निवारण -
    ॐ श्री
    वीरहनुमते स्फ्रें हूं फट् स्वाहा ।ॐ श्रीरामपादुकाधराय महावीराय वायुपुत्राय कनिष्ठाय
    ब्रह्मनिष्ठाय एकादशरुद्रमूर्तये महाबलपराक्रमायभानुमण्डलग्रसनग्रहाय चतुर्मुखवरप्रदाय महाभयनिवारकाय
    ये ह्रौं ॐ स्फ्रें हं स्फ्रें हैं स्फ्रें ॐ वीर ।
    २-सब प्रकार के अनिष्ट शमन हेतु -
    ॐ नमो वीरहनुमते सर्वाण्यरिष्टानि सद्यः शमय शमय स्वाहा ॥
    ३-कार्य सिद्धि हेतु -
     ॐ वीराञ्जनेय भगवन् मम सर्वकार्याणि साधय साधयसर्वतो मां रक्ष रक्ष स्वाहा ॥
    ४-तंत्र बाधा नाश हेतु-
    ॐ महावीर हनुमन् सर्वयन्त्रतन्त्रमायाश्छेदय छेदय स्वाहा ॥
    ५ -सर्वत्र रक्षा हेतु -
    ॐ नमो हनुमते रुद्रावताराय विश्वरूपाय अमितविक्रमाय
    प्रकटपराक्रमाय महाबलाय सूर्यकोटिसमप्रभाय रामदूताय स्वाहा ॥
    ६-सर्वत्र विजय  हेतु-
    ॐ हूं हनुमते रुद्रात्मकाय हूं फट् स्वाहा ॥
    ७-संपत्ति प्राप्ति हेतु -
    ह्रीं ह्रीं ह्रूं ह्रों ह्रः हनुमते श्रियं देहि दापय दापय ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रूं ह्रें ह्रों ह्रः श्रीं स्वाहा ॥
    ८-विद्वेषण हेतु-
    ॐ हरिमर्कटमर्कटाय बं बं बं बं बं अमुकामुकं विद्वेषय विद्वेषय हूं फट् ॥
        (अमुकामुकं=अमुक +अमुकं के स्थान पर दोनों के नाम लें )
    ॐ नमो हनुमते पञ्चवदनाय टं टं टं टं टं
    अमुकं स्तम्भय स्तम्भय टं टं टं टं टं हूं फट् ॥


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