Writing Name of Enemy on Paper and Burning it Spells

In this post, I have explained the principle behind the working of certain paranormal experiments and Voodoo Spells for enemy destruction in which the name of an enemy is written on a piece of paper and then the paper is burnt in order to destroy, punish and remove that enemy from the life of the practitioner.

Many of our readers have often asked me about these paranormal experiments because most of the time they do not need the use of any Mantra, Yantra, ritual, or any other form of worship.

You can come across many such paranormal experiments and spells on the net or on YouTube, for example - “Kagaj Par Shatru Ka Naam Likhkar Uska Nash Karne Ka Upay” or “Kagaj Par Sirf Naam Likhkar Kisi Ka Bhi Vashikaran Karne Ka Upay”

Many times, instead of burning the paper, the Tantrik tells you to stamp your feet on the paper and abuse the enemy or prick the paper with a needle or nail or even flush it down the toilet or urinate on it.

Writing Name of Enemy or Lover on Paper and Burning it Spells

The simple principles behind these enemy destruction Voodoo Spells
1] This is nothing but the transfer of negative and harmful energy from the practitioner to the targeted enemy.

2] The end result of the paranormal experiment will ultimately depend upon the intensity and hatred with which it is practiced by the practitioner.

3] A photo of the enemy can also be used instead of the paper and it will yield similar results because it will be very easy for the practitioner to focus his concentration upon the target.

4] Other variations of this Tantra are using a cloth or mud doll or lime or any other object that is used as an intermediary object or representation of the enemy to direct harmful and destructive energy in the direction of the enemy.

The piece of paper is also sometimes rolled into a Batti or wick and put in a Diya and burnt. Spells are also cast by putting the paper or photo in ice or a freezer, instead of burning it.

The uses of such experiments in Vashikaran or attraction of any desired man or woman lover.
1] Similar paranormal experiments involving energy transfer are used in Vashikaran Tantra.

2] However, the success rate in these paranormal experiments is harder than that in enemy destruction experiments because we are in the Kaliyuga or the Age of Darkness in which it is far easier to generate and transfer harmful, negative and evil energy than positive energies.

3] The practitioner will succeed in Vashikaran experiments that do not involve any Mantra, Yantra, or Tantra only if he or she single-mindedly desires the targeted person from the depth of his or her heart and practices the experiment with will power and intensity.

Notes- Enemy destruction and attraction experiments can also be practiced without the use of any intermediary object simply by focusing your attention on the target. I will explain the working of such remote attraction or destruction experiments in detail in a future post.

Such enemy destruction experiments that involve the transfer of destructive and harmful energy should be used with extreme caution because the generation of such energy in the body can create physical or psychological disorders.


  1. Can gals do in monthly cycle ?

    1. Yes, they can do these kinds of Mantra Experiments.

  2. My mother in law and sister in-law has troubled me since my marriage and now after 12 years of my marriage they've successfully separated my husband from me . He only listens to them. I've 2 daughters, one is 9yrs old and the other is 2yrs old. For my kids sake I need to stay with him... But they are not allowing.. how do I separate his mother and his sister from him.

    1. Use the same Yantra I went through same -- Got divorced with small kids.
      They made me drink water.

  3. Pranam Sir
    Can you tell me about bajrang baan and how to use it because I have heard many times that it is very powerful but nobody tells or I don't know whether they know or not that how to use it

  4. One man is ruining my daughter's marriage with sweet talk and got her divorced from her nice husband. Now this man wants to take her property and is also separating her from her parents and brothers by telling her to stop having any family ties. How to help her get back to her ex-husband?


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