Mantra to Prevent Enemy from Sleeping

A Mantra Experiment or Voodoo Revenge Spell to Prevent an Enemy from Sleeping has been described in this post. This Mantra Prayog to take revenge on an enemy has been described in a reliable and authentic Islamic text on Mantra Vidya.

This is a standalone revenge spell and it can be practiced by any person to trouble his enemy because there are no religious rules or restrictions prescribed for this Mantra Experiment that originates from Muslim Mantra Shastra.

The procedure of practicing this Mantra Experiment to prevent an enemy from sleeping has been given below.

Revenge Spell  to Prevent Enemy from Sleeping

1] The word काफ has to be written 400 times on a white colored piece of paper using black colored ink. The word काफ can be written in a horizontal manner on the white paper.

2] Then, the Shatru Nashak Mantra given below should be written below the word काफ. The अमुक के बेटे अमुक should be replaced with the name of the father of the enemy and the name of the enemy. 

या इतराईल अमुक के बेटे अमुक की नींद बंद करो बहक्क या काफ या कुदू सो |

This Mantra should be written in the Hindi Language, hence, I have not given the English translation of the Mantra as it serves no purpose.

3] Then, the piece of paper should be folded and kept under a heavy object, like a big stone.

4] This Shatru Nashak Musalmani Mantra Prayog can be done on any day, at any time and there is no Puja-Vidhi or any other Tantra prescribed for this Mantra Experiment.

A brief note on the working of this revenge spell

As this is a remote enemy destruction spell for creating problems for enemies, success primarily depends upon the hate and intensity with which the practitioner practices this spell.

This is a point that I have repeatedly mentioned in many posts because the working of such spells is based on the transfer to destructive and harmful energy from the practitioner to the targeted person.

Such revenge spells generate a lot of negative and harmful energy, which can prove to be counter-productive. Hence, the practitioner should cast these spells with extreme caution and that too, when there is no option left and the targeted person is trying to destroy him or his near and dear ones.

Notes – See the sections on Islamic Mantras and Mantras for Enemy problems for more such spells to resolve issues related to enemies, rivals, and unfriendly persons.

Hindi language videos of many enemy destruction spells, including Mantras, Yantras, and Upay can also be seen on our YouTube Channel.


  1. शत्रुओं  के घर लड़ाई कराना (विद्वेषण )---
    ----- -----------------------------
    काग पंख इक हाथ लै दूजे  घुग्घू  पंख ।
    मिला नोक से नोक तब करै काम निःशंख ।
    डोरा काला बाँध कै लेय हाथ में लेय ।
    अरि को ले ले नाम तब  तर्पण कर जल देय।
    दिना सात ऐसे करै मन्त्र जपे सौ आठ ।
    होय शत्रु घर कलह बहु बिगड़ै सबरे  ठाठ ।
    मन्त्र --ॐ नमो महाभैरवाय श्मशान वासिन्यै :"अमुका अमुकयोः "विद्वेषणं कुरु कुरु क्रूं फट ।
    (इंद्रजाल से उद्धृत ) ,

  2. The mantra has to be written 400 times? 1 mantra under 1 kaaf word?


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