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Mantra to Fulfill any Wish or Task at Will

Today a Mantra is given through which you will be able to quickly fulfill your wish and get your task done at will. This is also an Islamic Mantra, please remember that the great Sai Baba of Shirdi who never called himself a god but a Bhakt of god considered Ram and Rahim as one and the same.  He says Allah Malik to Hindus and Ramji Bhala Karenge to Muslims so all Dharms are equal and all are humans created by Shakti, so in my eyes,  I do not differentiate between any religion and Mantras of any religion. - Post By Guru Swami

What one says is up-to him,  but you may be knowing that the greatest Sadhak and great Bhakt and Saint SHRI SWAMI RAMKRISHNA PARAMHANS JI did Sadhana of all the gods including Allaah,  Prophet Mohhamad and Jesus,  so who are normal people to talk about god like they have started creation.

Today people show more of themselves,  I don't know what they think but just for example some people watching a cricket match say HAAN YUN (like this) when the player plays a good shot they and when he fails they say AISE NAHI AISE MARTE HE ISKO KUCH ATA HI NAHI (he does not know anything,  if we were to there its 36 in 6) even if they never know how to hold a bat properly.

Start the Mantra Experiment to fulfill a wish at will from a First Moon Day.
1)On third day make sweet Malida from Roti for Bhog.

2)Do Dhuni of Loban and light incense sticks.

3)Also keep a Fuha{a piece of Rui (cotton)}of Itra.

4)Chant the Mantra 121 times for 21 days.

On successful completion you will see an old man on a horse,  when you see him salute him and say your wish,  which will be fulfilled.

If you will do it daily in the same way,  Pirs will help you and on your calling a Maulana will appear instantly and do your task.

Kala ghoda safed baana us par bethe mohhamad maulana mere samne hazir hokar meri madad karo

Note- Remember one thing if you get access to any Dev Shakti never misuse it and never take any wrong Vachan because even if you will do it you cannot escape from the Chakra of Karm Phal irrespective of the powers you have.

Special note for sad people especially lovers and those people for whom Vashikaran Mantras are not working,  you can do any of 3 Upay given below.

1) Complete Om Hreem Namah Japa 3 lakh times within 11 or 21 days maximum without taking a Sankalp but taking a Mansik Sankalp before Devi Maa Durga and saying your wish every-time before starting the Japa and after doing the Japa and you will get results withing 5 or 9 days respectively.

2) Complete 325000 Chants of Om Namah Shivaya by taking a Sankalp and also saying a prayer as stated above and you will get results within 1 week.

3) Complete 3 Anusthans
A. Om Namah Shivaya
B. Om Namo Narayanaya
C. Om Ram Ramaya Namah

1 lakh times all total 3 lakh time within 21 or 31 days but its extremely good to complete within 11 days I have done in 9 days at ease. You will get result within 3 days. 
Neel N is the founder of He tells you in English and Hindi about Spells, Vashikaran, Yakshinis and all Hindu and Islamic Mantras and Yantras. The Prophecies, Revolutions of India and the coming World Wars of the Bible, Kalki Avatar and Nostradamus. The Mantra and Remedies for Healthy Living and Exploring the Unknown Universe.


  1. Dear guruswami can you give me the hindi script of this mantra?

  2. Hello namasthe,..
    The first vidhi .. om hreem namah, 3lakh times in 11 days
    How it is possible dear sir,..
    Pls say... I will be waiting for your valuable reply,. While chanting our brain should concente only on one wish or can be concentrated on several wishes pls say,. am having a frnd of myn,I feel am losing.. i want our frndship to build up more strong,n should stick life time, n another issue is having financial + job issue+ willing to have beyutifulll home also, so pls let me Kno while doing japam should we concentrat on only one gole or multiple, pls am waiting for reply :) thanku

    1. its either 11 days or 21 days, so you decide.

      things do not end up as one wishes in this life, almost never.

      so ask basically for remove all problems from your path or you get success in your goals?

      things which are supposed to happen will end up happening.

  3. Is it necessary to keep malida only on the 3rd day or is it necessary to keep on all the days?

  4. Pranams sir, my some queries on this post -
    1. How this sweet malida is prepared, is it to be prepared on all days from 03rd day, what to be done of this malida of last day,
    2. Also this itra fuha, again it's daily from 03rd day, and what to be done to it on the next day,

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Night

      Cotton dipped in itra but not fully wet

      121 times and chant it as its given and result depends upkn your karma and spiritual level and little bit of faith

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Dear Neel sir
    please clarify when is first moon day. Thank you

    1. October 27, 6:23 P.M.

  7. Namaste Guru Swami Ji,

    I did a sadhna starting from Shivratri, for 21 days, 200 malas daily, and yet the wish is not fulfilled (much older post on this site),
    I did other sadhna and asked for another wish this diwali, and did the procedure mentioned (in the post from 2013)

    Can you please describe the procedure for the above mentioned 3 mantras upay ?

    this will be my last try, otherwise I'm giving up all hopes, I believe and trust gods, but I'm about to give up on beliefs such as Gods will come and help us in this Kalyug, I'm starting to believe that if there is no special reason for a human being to be there, live your life as you´ve been given till the end, because nothing will change,

    don´t expect anything, people say for humans, soon it will be also for gods and other entities

    Jai Shree Ram
    Jai Veer Hanumaan
    Om Namah Shivaya

    1. I think u are talking about om namah shivaya 4 lakh times in 21 days
      Actually the real reason for failing is the past accumalated bad karma your tap has not been in vain you will surely get this tap has been compansated in nullifying your past karma and try again the sadhna u will surely get

    2. किसी भी साधना के सफल न होने पर स्वयं विचार करना चाहिए कि ऐसा क्यों हुआ ? यत्ने क्रिते यदि न सिध्यति कोSत्र दोष:-प्रयत्न करने पर भी यदि कार्य सिद्ध नही होता,तो देखना चाहिए कि कहाँ दोष/ त्रुटि रही ?प्राय:हम किसी भी मंत्र साधना के बारे मे पढ़ते हुए उसे आज़माने की सोचने लगते हैं .पूजापाठ के कुछ नियम हैं ,जो सभी साधनाओं मे लागू होते.शिव,दुर्गा,विष्णु
      ,गणेश,सूर्य -ये पंचदेव कहलाते हैं .इनकी पूजा हर कार्यों मे अनिवार्य रूप से की जानी चाहिए.
      अपने ईष्टदेव का स्मरण कर स्तुति करनी चाहिए .गुरु की स्तुति करें,या गुरु के अभाव मे भगवान शिव या
      भगवान दत्तात्रेय की पूजा करें तथा उनसे साधना के लिए अनुमति तथा सफलता के लिए आशीर्वाद माँगें .
      किसी भी प्रयोग द्वारा सिद्धि प्रदान करने वाले कार्य षटकर्म के अंतर्गत आते हैं .रुद्रयामल के अनुसार षट-
      कर्मो के किसी भी कर्म को करते समय देवता,वर्ण,ऋतु,दिशा,दिन,आसन,माला आदि का ध्यान
      रखना भी अपेक्षित है. माला का अभिमंत्रित होना भी
      आवश्यक है .
      आपने किसी देवी / देवता से संबंधित मंत्र जाप किया है ,तो उसका फल आपको अवश्य मिलेगा .

    3. Sundeep
      Do not give up so easily bro. To gain anything you must do purusharth tirelessly..that is life is all about. Review every failure as a meaningful teaching on your path to success.
      In Yoga/tantra you must cleanse yourself(Shuddhi) to an extent that divinity manifests on yourself. She is ever ready to shower you with her grace/s but most of us are not ready. Become well versed and strong with nitya(done very day)/ namaitik(done on special occasions) kriyas or pujas at least for a year or 2 before you attempt any kamya (desired) sadhana. For non dikshit Sadhaks this is a must unless you are carrying a legacy from your past births.
      Do rigorous Yoga asana and pranayam and dhayana. Give Bhootagni(spiritual fire) a chance to flourish over jadharagni(eat less and more digestive friendly diet) Practice Bandha, mowna practice etc. Let your antarman (your consciousness) be your guide. Be consistent in your routine and I do not see any reason as to why you will not succeed in tantra or any non tantra activities in this world.

  8. As you mentioned in last 3 sadhna. ..the first hrim namh or namh any procedure required to do this ..doop aasan. Disha.etc...or in morning or night .or in same sitting ....can we chant d mantra during working or at working place any time during's required 235 per day malajap. ....please suggest me

    1. Use asan and be tantrik and bahri suddhata
      North direction and do achman necessary for every jap and light inscense sticks and do diya if u want but main is jap

  9. sir , can women do this?what to do with the malida after practise? and what is fuha of itra. plz answer.

  10. Dear Guru Swami ji this mantra has be started on Amavasya day or next day? can you please make it clear to me.
    Thank you

  11. इस पोस्ट मे दिए गये ऊँ हृीं नम: / ऊँ नम:शिवाय /ऊँ नमो नारायणाय /ऊँ राम रामाय नम: स्वात्विक मंत्र हैं .
    इनका जाप सुख शांति दायक एवं कामनाओं को पूर्ण
    करने वाला है .इनका जाप प्रारंभ करने के पूर्व कुछ मर्यादाओं का पालन आवश्यक है.
    सर्वप्रथम प्रात:स्नानादि से निवृत्त होकर पूजास्थल मे आसन पर बैठें .कुशा और ऊन का आसन पवित्र होता
    है .पुण्य कर्मो के आरंभ मे आचमन अवश्य करें .ऊँ
    केशवाय नम:/ ऊँ नारायणाय नम:/ऊँ माधवाय नम:से
    3 बार आचमन करें .ऊँ हृषीकेशाय नम:कहकर हाथ धो लें .शरीर और आसन पवित्रीकरण भी करें .
    अपने इष्टदेव /देवी का स्मरण करें .इनका प्रतिदिन पूजन करना चाहिए .परिवार मे अशांति और क्लेश इसलिए होते हैं कि हम इष्टदेव की पूजा नही करते .हमारे पुरखों ने इन्हे परिवार मे प्रतिष्ठित कर कुलदेवता /कुलदेवी के
    रूप मे पूजा और संतानो द्वारा इनकी पूजा करते रहने का वादा किया था ,जिसका आज हम विस्मरण कर रहे हैं .यदि कुलदेवता /देवी की जानकारी न हो ,तो परिवार के वृद्धजनो से ज्ञात कर इनकी आराधना प्रारंभ करें ,परिवार मे सुख शांति रहेगी .
    जप प्रारंभ के पूर्व गुरुवन्दना करें .गुरु के अभाव मे शिव या दत्तात्रेय को गुरु के रूप मे मानें और उनसे जप प्रारंभ करने की अनुमति व जप मे सफलता का आशीर्वाद लें .निर्धारित दिनो मे जप पूर्ण होने पर पुरश्चरण का दशांश
    हवन कर लें .

  12. What is the meaning of first moon day? - purnima or amavasya?
    Can this vidhi be done by girls also?


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