Upay for Removing Fear in Sleeping Child

In the post, I have written about a simple home remedy or Gharelu Upay, which is practiced by many Indian housewives for removing fear in a sleeping child, who gets ups all of a sudden and starts crying uncontrollably.  The simple procedure of practicing this Gharelu Nuska is given below.

1] A Simple Char Mukhi Diya of Gehun Ka Atta [an oil lamp made from wheat flour having 4 mouths] has to be prepared.

2] Any edible oil like coconut oil, mustard seed oil, refined oil or any other edible oil has to be put inside the Diya along with 4 cotton wicks in each of the 4 mouths and then, the Diya has to be lit.

3] Then, water mixed with a little bit of Kumkum[red vermilion] has to be put inside a Thali and the Thali has to be rotated around the body [Utara] of the child in a clockwise manner 7 times. This has to be followed by rotating the lit Diya around the body of the child 7 times.

4] Then, the practitioner has to go to a Chouraha[meeting point of 4 roads] and keep the Diya there and pour the water in the Thali around the Diya.

5] Then, the practitioner should walk straight back to his home without glancing back over his shoulder.

Notes- Usually it is very difficult to uncover the real reason as to why a child is waking up suddenly from sleep and crying. It may be for a variety of reasons, if physical discomfort, thirst or hunger is completely ruled out, then only,  is it advisable to practice such paranormal remedies on a child.

This Gharelu Upay is also practiced for removing evil energies, harmful vibrations, suspected Evil-Eye and Black magic Spells from the body and surroundings of a child.

Most of these are stand-alone remedies and there is no need to chant any Mantra or Prayer, while practices these remedies. However, you can remember your favored deity, while practicing the remedy.

People who do not believe in such paranormal remedies should not practice them as chances of getting success are remote.


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