Hanuman Sarva Vyadhi Haran Bisa Yantra

In this post, I have described the method of making, energizing and using the Hanuman Sarva Vyadhi or Badha Haran Bisa Yantra or a Bisa Yantra to Remove All Problems or Obstacles. This Hanuman Yantra is said to dissolve all problems, including those related to health problems, paranormal and ghostly issues, job, employment, legal and enemy troubles.

1] The Hanuman Bisa Yantra should be prepared on a Bhojpatra using Ashtagandha Paste as the ink and written with any small pointed stick on an Amavasya.

Hanuman Yantra to resolve all problems, obstacles and opposition

2] After this, it should be placed near the right foot of a Hanuman Murti or photograph and worshiped for the next 15 days until the coming Purnima with offerings of Guggul Dhoop along with the normal worship of Hanuman.

3] The Shabar Hanuman Mantra given below should be chanted 108 times daily using a Rudraksha Japa Mala until Purnima in order to Abhimintrit the Yantra with the force and power of the Shabar Hanuman Mantra.

आओ वीर हनुमंता, अंजनी के पूता थोर जागरित कीजे, मसान बाँध, सातो जोगनी बाँध, बावनवीर बाँध, अहो वीर लक्ष्मण वीर, मेरी भक्ति गुरु की शक्ति, फुरो मंत्र इश्वरो वाचा ||
Aao Veer Hanumantaa, Anjani Ke Pootaa Thor Jaagarit Kije, Masaan Baandh, Saato Jogani Baandh, Baavanveer Baandh, Aho Veer Lakshman Veer, Meri Bhakti Guru Ki Shakti, Furo Mantra Ishvaro Vaachaa ||

4] Then on Purnima after the completion of the Mantra Chanting, the Hanuman Yantra should be nicely folded and placed inside a silver or gold locket and worn around the neck or the right upper arm as a protective talisman.

Notes – The Hanuman Sarva Vyadhi or Badha Nivaran Bisa Yantra will also be effective in the following cases apart from what is mentioned above.

It will give relief in all diseases and ailments suffered by adults as well as children.

It will remove unknown fear from the adults and children who get up suddenly at night and experience fear and dread for no reason.

It will be effective in giving relief to those women who suffer from repeated abortions and miscarriages.

The Bisa Yantra gives success in matters related to the government, any official body and legal, court related matters.


  1. Sir i read about vajrayogini devi in a book.....it waz written that vajrayogini devi is workship by budhist monks to gain wisdom and enlightment.....n by chanting this deity mantra one became physicaly very strong and powerful ...sir cn u tell us more about vajrayogini

  2. It is VAJRAVYROCHANI with other names like CHHINNAMASTAA, ASHIRAA, PRACHADACHANDEE. She is the 6th Maha vidyaa of the Das Maha vidyaas. She is being worshipped to gain abundant knowledge, victory over enemues. It is said that she saved the famous Tibetan monk, Sri Dalai lama when he was attacked by the Chinese and protected in the form of a cloud when he fled to India.Yes, it is true that the Buddhists worship her as VAJRAVYROCHANI.

  3. Can we chant any other Hanuman mantra??

  4. Does the chanting has to be done in the night or morning (Braham muhurat)?


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