Mantra to Make Domestic Life Happy

In this post, I have written about a very useful Mantra-Tantra Experiment for making your domestic life happy, peaceful and strife-free. The Mantra is beneficial for those person who are facing psychological and emotional stress due to an unfavorable domestic or marital environment or even for those people who are facing no problems, but wish to make their family life contended and better.

The Mantra Prayog can be started on an auspicious or religious Tithi, Shubh Muhurat or during a festival, including Diwali, Navratri, Sankranti.

The Mantra Prayog will give the best results, if the steps given below are followed.

1] The Sadhak has to sit down comfortably on an Aasan and contemplate upon his domestic and family problems and think that his is going to resolve them by performing this Mantra Prayog. If there are no major problems or obstacles in his life, he should think that he is going to perform the Mantra Prayog in order to make his domestic or marital environment better.

2] The Sadhak has to place a Mangal Yantra on a wooden board and light Dhoop/Agarbattis and Diya of Pure Ghee, in-front of the Mangal Yantra.

3] He should then offer red colored flowers to the Mangal Yantra and apply a Tilak of Kesar on the Yantra and worship it.

4] Then, he has to chant five rosaries of this Mantra, given below, using a Lal Moonga or red coral beads Japa Mala for counting the required number of Mantra Chants.

ॐ श्रीं मम गृहे तुष्टिं भव कंकावल्ये शिरो भव फ़ट स्वाहा \\
Om Shreem Mam Gruhe Tushtim Bhav Kamkaavalye Shiro Bhav Fatt Swaha ||

5] The energized Mangal Yantra should then be placed in the Puja-Place, Altar or if none are present in the home, then in a clean place.

This is a onetime Mantra Sadhana and if performed with sincerity and confidence, it will surely give the desired results in making the married and domestic life happy, peaceful and free from psychological distress. 


  1. Why can't you send the audio version so that it can be properly chanted.


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