Mantra to Prevent Itching and Scratching Yourself

In this post, I have written about 2 simple to put into practice Hindu Pain Relief and Healing Mantra Chants, which are said to put an end or remove the overpowering urge to scratch yourself, especially at night or whenever idle.

In many cases it is seen that when a wound or rash is in the process of healing itself, it is accompanied by an itching sensation. This itching sensation gives rise to the overpowering urge to scratch yourself.

When you scratch the affected area, you experience relief, but the healing process is delayed. This process goes on and on until you finally manage to control the urge.

Such itching related problems are more common in the private parts and the anus. Most of the time there is no health related problem at all, except the daily urge to scratch yourself and prevent the wound from healing. This cycle keeps repeating everyday and gives rise to depression and anxiety.

Strong will power is essential in order to get rid of the powerful itching sensation, if you manage to keep your nerves, the itching sensation will subside after a few minutes and ultimately disappear.

The procedure of practicing the 2 Mantras is given below, you can practice anyone or both the Mantras.

1] Bhasma or Ash from the Puja Ghar, Altar or a temple should be infused by holding it in the right hand and chanting the Mantra given below 7 times.

निकउरी स्वाहा ||
Nikauri Swaha ||

The Tantra says that if this Mantra Abhimantrit Bhasma is lightly applied over the body parts, which are affected by scratching, the sufferer will experience relief.

Doing this will also prevent the sufferer from scratching himself, whenever he feels the urge.

2] Chanting this Mantra whenever you are experiencing the overpowering urge to scratch yourself, is said to remove that urge and give relief.

ॐ विमिची भस्मकरी स्वाहा ||
Om Vimichi Bhasmakari Swaha ||


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