Nagakesar Swastik Yantra for Wealth

In this post, I have described a unique Indian paranormal remedy to get money and wealth by preparing and worshiping the Nagakesar Swastik Yantra. This Yantra not only gets you the blessings of both Ganesha and Laxmi, but it can be most effectively be used in the Tratak Form of Meditation to Meditate upon higher level of the Sub-Conscious Mind.

Nagakesar is also known as Indian rose chestnut or Mesua ferrea, it is said to possess strong magical and healing powers. Hence, it is used in some specific traditional Indian Medicinal and Paranormal Remedies.

The procedure given below should be follower for making and using the Nagakesar Swastika Yantra.

1] The Nagakesar Yantra should be made on any auspicious Tithi, Shubh Muhurat or festival.

2] The practitioner should get up early in the morning, have a bath and prepare a Swastika on a piece of Bhojpara using Rakt Chandana or Red Sandalwood. A small pointed wooded stick should be used to draw the Yantra.

Indian rose chestnut Swastik Yantra

3] Then, after the Swastika has dried out, gum should be applied on the Swastika and Nagakesar should be applied over it.

4] Then, the Nagakesar Swastika should be place over a Puja-Board, which is covered with a new red colored piece of cloth and Dhoop and Diya should be lit in-front of it.

5] Then, the practitioner should steadily gaze at the Nagakesar Swastika Yantra and keep chanting the Ganesh Mantra- Om Gam Ganapataye Namah || - ॐ गं गणपतये नमः || for a couple of minutes or as long as he is comfortable. Then, he should close his eyes for some time.

He will notice that the image of the Nagakesar Swastika will continue to remain in-front of his closed eyes.

This will develop the extrasensory perception abilities of the practitioner and he could develop psychic powers like clairvoyance, telepathy, astral projection or exorcism.

This energized Nagakesar Yantra can also prove to be most effective and beneficial, if it is used in any Sadhana or Upasana of Lakshmi or Ganesha, including Sadhanas related to the acquisition of money, wealth and property.


  1. Pls let me Kno... Can dis prepared swasthika... Can we can keep it in my bedroom ... It is very big... So that I can daily continue my practice...devinely... Pls let me ... Becoz in our home there is no space the alternative space,... The Pooja alter is very small.. that too it is in the kitchen,so pls can keep dis I. Our bed room on east wall.. it's very big,... Pls let me kno

  2. Sir,
    Happy diwali to you..!
    Pls explain which gum to b applied on the yantra.

  3. Dear Sir,
    1) What should be done after pooja of this yantra is completed? Can we keep in pooja place?

    2) Naghkesar should be stick where? In four dots or in middle?

    Please answer so that we can do in Diwali period.

  4. नागकेसर पूजासामग्री बेचने वाले या पंसारी के यहाँ मिल जाता है .तांत्रिक ग्रंथों मे इसकी महिमा वर्णित की गई है.शिवपूजन मे नागकेसर अर्पित करना दरिद्रता नाश करता है .रवि पुष्य योग मे लाल वस्त्र मे एक साबुत हल्दी,थोड़े से अक्षत (बिना टूटे साबुत चावल),
    एक सिक्का (तांबे या चाँदी का )और नागकेसर रखकर पोटली बनाएँ और पूजास्थल मे रख दें .रोज
    पूजा के समय धूपित किया करें .धन धान्य की वृद्धि
    होती है .


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