Mantra to Make Enemy Shield Ineffective

This a Shabar Mantra from the middle ages, which has been attributed with the special paranormal powers of immobilizing, weakening or breaking the shield of an enemy soldier and rendering it useless in battle. In the Hindi language this particular Mantra is called as the Dhaal Stambhan or Shatru Ki Dhaal Rokne Ka Mantra.

The Mantra is probably a Musalmani variation of an Uchchatan Mantra Experiment, which was posted by me in the recent past. The Mantra was probably composed by a Muslim Tantric or Peer by replacing some words from the original Shabar Mantra for the benefit of Muslim Soldiers.

The Mantra-Vidhi has also not been given, hence, it should be understood that the Siddhi Sadhana procedure given in the earlier post should be followed, that post can be seen here – Ganga Jal Se Uchchatan Karne Ka Mantra,

ॐ चौसट योगी बावन पीर छप्पन चत्तर पीर आव बैठो ढाल के तीर | हाली हलै न चाली चलै बाढ, शत्रु को मिले वह ढाल, चले तो जहर पीर की दुहाई ||
Om Chousat Yogi Baavan Peer Chappan Chattar Peer Aaav Baitho Dhaal Ke Teer | Haali Halai Na Chali Chalai Baadh, Shatru Ko Mile Vaha Dhaal, Chale To Jahar Peer Ki Duhai ||

The composer has replaced the use of Ganga Jal with ordinary water and to actually use the Mantra to make the enemy’s shield ineffective, water should be taken in the palm and the Mantra should be chanted once in order to infuse the water with the powers of the Mantra. Then, throwing the Mantra Infused Water of the shield of the enemy is said to make the shield useless. 


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