Chandra Naivedya Tantra for Prosperity

In this post, I have explained the procedure of performing the Chandra Naivedya Tantra for getting prosperity, peace of mind and success in business or employment. This Sadhana is especially beneficial for people working for the government of a country or a state or province of a country.

Even though, this Tantra is very simple and easy to practice, many people are unaware it and the benefits, which can be derived form performing this Sadhana.

The Chandra Naivedya Sadhana should be performed on all the nights of the Shukla Paksha [bright half of the lunar fortnight as per the Hindu Panchang].

The practitioner has to offer any white colored food as Naivedya to the Moon and light an incense stick and oil lamp in-front of the Naivedya.

Occult Hindu Chandra Naivedya Tantra for Prosperity

This simple ritual to get the benefits of positive and helpful of the Moon, should be done in any place where the rays of the Moon will fall on the Naivedya.

It should not be performed in a place like the staircase or any such place when there is darkness and the rays of the Moon are blocked.

Later on, the next day, the Naivedya can be fed to a cow or immersed in the flowing water of a river.

Note – This is all that should be done, there is no need to chant any Mantra, Stotra, Prarthana or any other ritual in order to practice the Chandra Naivedya Tantra.


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