Lakshmi Mantra for the Full Family on Diwali

The festive season of Diwali is here and along with the usual fun and festivities most families pray for prosperity and abundance and the betterment of their lives on this most auspicious occasion. In this post, I have given a most potent and powerful Lakshmi Mantra Chant, which can collectively be chanted by the entire family on this auspicious occasion.

On this auspicious occasion of Diwali, we seeks to burn away the inner darkness and negativity from our lives and replace it with the true light of our inner-self. The negative  Ravana who has taken control over our lives is destroyed as the positive inner Rama comes to the fore.

Happy Diwali Lakshmi Mantra Chant for the entire family

When the darkness moves away from our being all those things which seemed improbable, distant and like a dream become a reality.

This Lakshmi Mantra chant seeks to stabilize the Lakshmi[wealth and money], health and peace by thanking the Goddess of Plenty for what she has already blessed the chanter with on this occasion.

The entire family should collectively chant this most beautifully composed Mantra of Lakshmi, in the morning or evening while lighting a Diya in the Puja Ghar or if they do not have a Puja Ghar, then in any clean place in the house.

Even a single chant of the Lakshmi Mantra chanted from the bottom of the heart will be sufficient to get the ever-lasting blessings of Lakshmi.

The Lakshmi Mantra must be chanted like a prayer, with faith, sincerity and devotion, simply repeating a prayer like a parrot does not make it more powerful.

मम गृहे प्राप्त लक्ष्मी स्थिरो भवः अचलो भवः सुखशाली वरदो भव आरोग्य वरदो भव लाभम् कुरु नित्यम् कल्याणम् कुरु अभ्यु दयार्थम कुरु ||
Mama Grue Prapt Lakshmi Sthiro Bhavah Aachalo Bhavah Sukhashaali Varado Bhav Aarogya Varado Bhav Laabham Kuru Nityam Kalyaanam Kuru Abhyu Dayaartham Kuru ||

Remember that even though it is inbuilt in the nature of man to always seek more and strive for betterment, those who get the rewards are those who are always satisfied with what they already possess.

Greed is a Tamsik or negative state of being and negativity always attracts negativity. So be very careful in defining your wishes and desires and be thankful for what you already possess.

“I was crying because I had no new shoes, until I saw the man, who had no feet”


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