Very Effective Shabar Vashikaran Yantra

In this post, I have described a full Shabar Vashikaran Yantra Experiment, which is said to cast a Voodoo Attraction Spell that is so strong that it makes the target person behave like a most obedient slave who is always eager to please his or her master.

The 6 steps mention below have to be completed in order to make the Vashikaran Spell work and deliver the expected result to the practitioner.

1] The Vashikaran Yantra has to be drawn 108 times on white paper on a Friday, in the Hora of Shukra, using Lal Chandana Paste as the ink and an Anar Kalam as the pen. This has to be done quickly and correctly because the Hora of a planet lasts for just one hour.

Very Effective Indian Occult Attraction Charm
Very Effective Shabar Vashikaran Yantra

2] In the Vashikaran Yantra the word in the center “नाम " should be replaced with the name of the desired man or woman on whom the attraction spell has to be cast.

3] Then, all the Vashikaran Yantras have to be placed on a Puja Board and worshiped with offerings of Gandham, Akshata, Dhoop, Diya and Flowers.

4] Then, all the 108 Vashikaran Yantras have to be collectively immersed in any river.

5] The, the next day, which is a Saturday, the same Vashikaran Yantra should be drawn on a Bhojpatra using the same drawing material mentioned in Point Number 2 and worshiped as mentioned in Point Number 3. This should also be done in the Hora of Shukra.

6] The Vashikaran Tantra mentions that if this Vashikaran Yantra is kept dipped in an a mixture of Honey and Pure Ghee for 3 days, the targeted person will come under a strong Voodoo Spell of Attraction and become fascinated and bewitched with practitioner and start behaving like his or her slave and act as commanded by the practitioner.

7] After the 3 days, the Vaashikaran Yantra should be immersed in a river.

Note- all the information contained in this post is based on the writings of the Shabar Vashikaran Tantra. This site cannot take responsibility in case any person practices the same and does not get the expected results.


  1. इस साइट पर प्रारंभ से ही इतने वशीकरण मंत्र /यंत्र प्रकाशित हो चुके हैं कि अबतक सभी इच्छुक नर नारी
    अपने साध्य /साध्या को वशीभूत कर चुके होंगे .
    जिन कन्याओं के कोई साध्य नही हैं,तथा विवाह के लिए उत्सुक हैं,वे 5-5-2013 को प्रकाशित katyayani mantra for girls marriage का लाभ उठाएँ .सुंदर वधू की कामना करने वाले युवक गंधर्वराज विश्वावसु का मंत्र जाप करें जो भग और भाग्य दोनो का प्रदाता है .

  2. In point no 7 it is mentioned that the yantra has to be immersed in river after 3 days, this includes the day when it is dipped in honey and ghee?

    1. शनिवार को आपने यंत्र बनाया,पूजा की और शहद घी
      (कहते हैं दोनो को समान मात्रा मे मिलाने पर जहर हो
      जाता है )मे डुबा दिया .रविवार,सोमवार डूबा रहने दीजिये. मंगलवार को निकालकर विसर्जित कर दीजिए .

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  4. If river is not available then in that case can we put it in bathroom as we are living very far away ftom river

  5. How Many time write on bhojpatra

  6. hi guruji is gandam sandalwood and akshata uncooked rice and have you to burn it or not
    question 2 how many flowers and wich are the best for this
    qestion 3 is inviduel for all yantras 108 diyas 108 dhoop
    can some help me pleas


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