As per Nostradamus will Narendra Modi Retain Power in 2019

After a long time, I have once again gone through the prophecies and predictions of Nostradamus to uncover anything related to the current changing political period underway in India. The word “changing” in the context of this post means a period of well-intentioned changes like demonetization, Jan Dhan Yogna, banking and economic reforms, steps to curb corruption and black money.

The rapid and dramatic rise of Narendra Modi from the Chief Minister of Gujarat to the Prime Minister and the dominant personality in Indian Politics was foretold much in advance by this site much before the herd caught on and started shouting about their discoveries of the predictions and revelations regarding Modi in the Prophecies of Nostradamus.

The future is ever changing and dynamic and not static and changeless. Hence, most probable future prophecies and predictions, including those pertaining to Narendra Modi should be read keeping this in mind. Please keep in mind that I am not talking about the Multiverse theory, where every probability becomes a reality.

Nostradamus will Narendra Modi and the BJP Retain Power in 2019

Modi as of today is the only dominant personality in Indian Politics. However, the old saying “power is not gained in order to throw it away” or “Jiski Lathi Uski Bhains” is very much relevant in Indian Politics than at any other time in the history of Independent India.

History teaches us that those who seized power became kings, others knaves. If Modi does not effectively use the immense power at his disposal, it is probable that he will have squandered off the God-Sent opportunity to remain in power.

The main challenges to Modi and the BJP retaining power in 2019 will definitely come from Political Dynasties who have ruled India for the most part of its existence and are still ruling large parts of India. These people will go to any extent in order to regain their lost power and positions.

The common people or the Aam Aadmi of India have nothing to do with these Political Dynasties, they have since long suffered because of the excesses of these Shehzadas and their parasites.

Vested interest groups, communists and those sections of Indian Society who have a lack of options will definitely support, rally behind and add to the strength of the dynasties, this factor should never be underestimated by Modi.

There is another Prediction made by Nostradamus about “the Old Cardinal/ Knight/ Leader/ King/ Politician being deceived and disarmed by the Young Cardinal….” This is a yet to be fulfilled prophecy of Nostradamus. Another interesting thing about this prophecy is that it appears in the same Nostradamus Century and in the near vicinity of the Quatrains relating to other Nostradamus prophecies, which have been interrupted to be as those concerning India.

All in all, the coming year and a half will be a defining period for Modi and the BJP and their quest to retain power in the General Elections of April/May 2019.


  1. Looks like you are also quite impressed and influenced by Modi. and the way you belittle other parties and even went up to call the name "shehzada" but didn't mention qualities of the other side. The policies thrusted upon the common man have not fulfilled the promises given. Demonitisation didn't stop corruption, nor black money brought, nor fake notes stopped, nor terrorism stopped. They instead brought a lot of negative impact on people's lives as well as the economy. You said opposition parties will go to any extent to get power, but to balance the narrative, you didn't mention what all the current regime did and is doing for power, immense tax money of common man used for own party power marketing. Nostradamus is not 100% right always. Although, BJP can still come to power in 2019 given their hold on all sections of power play at hand and money power. That would mean, more inflation, more taxes, more austere and stringent life for the poor and middle class. Yes Modi is dominating. And dominance doesn't always means right.

  2. He is ruler and there is difference between king and ruler. Ruler tries to retain power, king wants to save the place he is ruling.

  3. What's wrong if the moderator is influenced by Modi....its his choice and he also has his own fundamental right of expression..why you liberals thi k that it's only you who have right to speak....the intolerant bunch of crap.
    And you dont have even 1 proof to validate you accusations...just listening in social media and vommitting out everywhere...

    By the way modi has won and that too with a bigger margin....I guess nostradamus in going correct...


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