Future Predictions of Narendra Modi

The Indian of 2014 either loves Narendra Modi or hates him, but never ignores him. Never before in the history of independent India, have these two extreme emotions been identified so clearly with any personality or even come close to it.  Modi can never be ignored; this is the reason why this site has tried to decode some Nostradamus and Hindu prophecies, which could probably be related to him.

Modi is playing a pivotal role in shaping the very future of India and is expected to be in the thick of it in the near future. This is exactly why a person shaping or attempting to shape the destiny of a nation of over 1.2 Billion people, with diverse cultures and identities can never be ignored.

As stated before fate has a lot to do with the position, which Modi finds himself in today. He probably has one powerful enemy, someone, who has been extremely close to the centers of powers controlling India. This hidden enemy, the one who hates him from the bottom of the heart, and has tried every trick in the book to destroy him, has a lion’s share in the position Modi is in today.

True the Gujarat 2002 riots were bloody and inhuman, yet there have been so many such riots in the past, no one even remembers the name of the Chief Minister of the states or the persons who have been convicted in those riots.

The demonisation of Narendra Modi has not worked and proved counterproductive. Modi’s enemy has not only failed, but shaped Modi and India’s destiny.

Featured below are some the earlier predictions and future prophecies about Modi. Will try to update this list in the future. Readers suggestions are welcome.

List of Prophecies and Predictions about Narendra Modi by Nostradamus and other Prophets, 2018 and beyond. 

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  1. Great stuff most of these prophecies on Modi are coming true, thanks.

  2. Modi rises and will rule India with an iron hand, the Modi era in Indian history begins. He is the long awaited Hindu King, who will turn India into a superpower.

  3. I want to which one of these is powefull bajaran ban or aditya hridayam i bajarang baan vs aditya hridayam

    1. Both are most powerful Hindu religious compositions, it all depends upon the faith of the chanter, which makes a prayer more powerful.

  4. Sir, can u please say one for becoming a singer

  5. Dear Sir

    IMHO, With all respect, I state that the PM Modi has been compromised. His effectiveness as leader is fully weakened and discounted by those who are tasked to put his vision into action. Maybe like in Bollywood Sandwich or Hollywood Face Off movie, some one has changed his face to look like Modi and then somehow replaced him.

    Even if he is not replaced, most Babu logs do not work as per his vision but completely dilute it and have figured out a way to fill their own pockets.

    Just one example: Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: Almost all of the tax money allocated is squandered off amongst yester year film stars for TV and bill board adverts giving out-of-place sermons. In name of segregation, few people were given bins for free whereas average public and society is made to purchase large bins for dry and wet waste and compost. In reality, all of the segregation exercise is fully useless because nothing gets recycled. Both bins are collected and dumped into the same truck and go to the exact same land fill. All extra bins and road side black bag sellers acheive is yet another layer of plastic into landfills. Almost all urban city walls are painted all over the place claiming fabricated survey results. Almost every thing that consumers buy from grocery store or super market is wrapped in single use plastic, but average person carrying veggie in polythene bag is chased by Municipality contractors and fined. BMC hires youngsters on temporary contracts exclusively to fine people. Even Dudhi (bottle gourd) comes wrapped in plastic bag designed specifically for the veggie. Apples and fruits come wrapped in some kind of jaali waala plastic. Onions/Potatoes come in recycled shred plastic. Items sold Loose in places like D Mart or Reliance fresh is in plastic but customer has to pay for plastic carry bag.

    Petrol/Diesel PUC receipts are given online to reduce carbon emission caused in printing them. According to Babu, 30 litres of petrol produces less CO2 gas than 2 x 3 inch paper receipt.

    Unless the villagers have rallied together to keep their area clean, villages entrances have huge garbage mounds that have everything from old furniture/rotting cars, medications, diapers, female pads, medical waste and on&on...


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