Will Modi Rule Until 2026 Nostradamus

Over the past couple of months, there has been a lot of talk in the Indian Media and the Internet about a Nostradamus Prediction that Narendra Modi will rule India until 2026.  This interpretation of the Prophecies of Nostradamus has originated from Kiren Rijiju, the Minister of State for Home. Kiren Rijiju’s interpretation of a possible Nostradamus Prediction on Narendra Modi is based primarily on Numerology; however, he has not mentioned the specific Century and Quatrain of the Centuries of Nostradamus on which he has based his interpretation.

Over the past, many years, I have been interpreted certain specific Quatrains from the Centuries, which, in my opinion refer to an Indian ruler of the 21st Century who will emerge as a Great World Leader. Some of my interpretations of these Quatrains, which were published long before Modi was the Prime Ministerial Candidate of the BJP, have turned out to be true.

In my opinion, the much-awaited Great Indian Leader prophesied by Nostradamus will have great success in bringing back to India the mind boggling loot/corruption/kickbacks money stashed away in Swiss Banks and other Safe Tax Havens.  This factor coupled with stringent and exemplary action against the looters of the Indian Treasury has been described by Nostradamus in Century 6-44 of the Centuries as being one the main achievements of the Great Indian Leader.

Nostradamus Image of Modi and Swiss Bank in 3D
Nostradamus Image of Modi and Swiss Bank

For Modi to emerge as the Great Indian and World Leader of the 21st Century, he will first have to go all out after the looters, no matter how powerful and influential they may be and to punish and make an example of them.

This Great Indian Leader prophesied by Nostradamus as explain in some earlier posts will be an agent of change for the desperate Indian, who feels that India is in a state of all- round decay and on the verge of collapse.


  1. Unable to copy the excellent post for my memories.

  2. Perhaps.Many even vouch that PM Modi will not come into power the next term, the present generation voting power have keen mind,and don't get influenced by controversies... good work of a National leader will never be overlooked.

    1. The Future is Dynamic and ever changing, the principle of all possibilities should not be overlooked and hence, nothing can be ruled out,

  3. In my opinion Modi is treading slowly and steadily, since he is new to Delhi politics. Once he is trenched, he will go for big shots. Let us all hope and pray he e th to be the best PM India ever had

  4. Hi ,
    I would like to see your new post regarding Note ban in india


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