Six Rama Mantras for Everyday Problems

In the post below, Ashok Mehta has shared five very simple to chant Shri Rama Mantras with their meanings for practical and everyday problems like removal of evil qualities, pains, physical and mental discomfort, poverty and money shortages and to make living conditions auspicious, favorable and give happiness to the chanter of these Rama Mantras.

By Ashok Mehta
Today I want to share very easy and simple Rama mantras which if recited every day with devotion will give amazing results. One can recite as per one's capacity. However, most Hindu Mantras show best results if chanted for 11 rounds or more,

1] | ॐ सर्वापगुणवर्जिताय नमः । - Om Sarvaapagunavarjitaaya ||
This mantra means "The one who destroys all evil qualities". The meaning is self-explanatory. This mantra helps to remove all the bad qualities in a person

2] | ॐ पारगाय नमः। - Om Paaragaaya Namah ||
This means "The uplifter of the poor". The mantra will help you get rid of poor financial or emotional conditions"

3] | ॐ पूर्वभाषिणे नमः। - Om Purvabhaashine Namah ||
This mantra means "The one who knows the future and speaks about the events to come".

4] | ॐ स्मृतसर्वाघनाशनाय नमः। - Om Smrutasarvaadhanaashanaaya Namah ||
This mantra means the one who removes all causes of pain. This mantra will remove all kinds of pains, physical or emotional, of your life

5] | ॐ रामभद्राय नमः। - Om Raamabhadraaya Namah ||
This mantra means "The most auspicious one". This mantra will fill the life with all the favorable conditions

6] | ॐ श्रीरामाय नमः। - Om Shriraamaaya Namah ||
This mantra means "The giver of happiness". The meaning is self-explanatory. Chanting this mantra will fill your life with all the happiness


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