Gajalaxmi Mantras for Prosperity

In this post, I have written about a couple of  special money and wealth attracting Mantras of Gajantlaxmi, which is said to bestow prosperity and abundance upon the chanter of the Mantra. Gajant Laxmi or Gajalakshmi is one of the eight forms or manifestations of the Hindu Goddess of Wealth Mahalaxmi, which are known as the Ashtalaxmi.

The Ashtalaxmi Stotra describes Gajalaxmi as that form of Laxmi, which bestows cattle or animals to the worshipper. She is as the name suggests been associated with Elephants and most images, paintings and idols of Gajalaxmi show Elephants on either side of her showering water on her. The Elephants being the largest of animals is also comparative of the immense scale of prosperity and abundance, which can be gained by meditation upon the Gajalakshmi.

Both the Gajalaxmi Mantras have the same meaning and either one of them can be chanted by the worshipper to meditate upon this form of Laxmi.

Meaning: I pray to the One who is worshipped by Elephants or I Pray to the One who bestows so much prosperity that it makes even Elephants sway.

ॐ गजान्तलक्ष्म्यै नमः ||
Om Gajaantalakshmyai Namah ||
ॐ गजललक्ष्म्यै नमः ||
Om Gajalakshmyai Namah ||

The Mantras are said to give benefits on a large scale after the completion of 700,000 Mantra Chants for the first Mantra and 800,000 Mantra Chants for the second Mantra.  The worshipper can chant any one of the two Mantras and not both of them. A counting rosary should not be used and the Mantras should be chanted like long term Meditation Mantras.


  1. Dear Neel Sir,

    Chaitri Navaratri is starting from Friday. Can you give me any sadhana vidhi for this auspicious days to worship Aadi Shakti. I am very much dedicated to Devi Maa.

    1. There's a gauri devi sadhna of several thousand chants in the scale of lakh. You should commence that, that is only a three word mantra. Chant at least 21 mala daily in the "Brahma muhurata" and keep track of how many chants you have done. Or keep updating no. Of chants in writ. Remember, it is advised that you do not miss to chant even a single day. And install a murti of Gauri Devi form of Devi in a very clean place and clean it daily. You can read the descriptions of the appearance of Gauri Devi. And worship it daily with incences,beautiful smelling flowers, dhoop. Though not written, I'd say that you avoid any kind of meat consumption from the commencement to the end of sadhna.after all, it's a saatwik sadhna.

    2. Thanks Piyush Sir,

      I heartly thanks for giving me this beautiful sadhana. But can you please let me know what is mantra?

    3. Ye raha shreemaan :

      The post title is irrelevant to the sadhna it describes. So, it took time searching it.

    4. If you Dont want to do any big mantra sadhana , although there are thousands of them , Do chant ' The Siddha Kunjika ' Stotra 27 times evryday either in Morning brahma muhurat or after 10 pm in night or even midnight is best . As far as mantras are considered , The Navarna-Chamunda mantra is perfectly desirable for a devoted devi sadhak especially in Kali yug , atleast total of 1.25 lakh japa amount or 5-6lakh in total . Rosary would be red COral /rudraksh /red sandalwood . But in mantra sadhana an authentic and energized devi yantra or shri yantra is very valuable . Besides there are many more things you can find out yourself as well .All the best and maintain single time in your sadhanas , do not change time and place and put a woolen aasan .
      ------Devi Sadhak

  2. Neel sir
    Mai bank me kaam karta hoon, mujhe hamara HR head baar baar training daalke sata rahee hai, meri maa heart patient hai, mai maa ko akela chodkar jaanahee sakta, is ke liye koyee upaay batayiye


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