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Complete Hanuman Veer Jagruti Mantra Sadhana

I want to share with you an extremely rare Hanuman Veer Jagruti Sadhana. I have a lot of Hanuman Jagruti Sadhanas but I will share with you the one that is more known. This Sadhana invokes lord Hanuman in his Veer Swaroop and is meant only for advanced Yogis and gurus. Adi Shankaracharya had done a lot of Veer Jagruti Sadhanas in his lifetime. I am sharing this because such Sadhanas cannot be found on the internet – Ashok Mehta

By Ashok Mehta
This Sadhana involves chanting Janjiras. Janjiras are similar to Bhajans.

1. This Sadhana has to be commenced on the first Tuesday of a Shukla Paksha or on Ram Navami or Hanuman Jayanti or Diwali. This is a 21-day Sadhana.
2. Firstly, In Brahma Muhurat, before leaving from home, the practitioner should do Dhyaan and 1 round of Ganapati Mantra and take his blessings by asking him for success in the Mantra Sadhana.
3. He should then do Dhyaan and Mantra Japa 11 rounds of any of six lettered Rama Mantras I am giving.
18 Hindu Devotional Six Lettered Mantra of Rama
Six Lettered Mantra of Rama
4. He should then go to a Hanuman Mandir where no one has gone since years and, which is located in a secluded and remote place. One can find such Mandirs in hilly regions.
3. Do Shodashopchara Pujan of Hanuman and pray to him to bless you with success in the Sadhana.
4. Now, Brahma Muhurat starts 1 hour 36 minutes before sunrise and all the things that I have mentioned till now may not get completed within the Brahma Muhurat. In such a case, the Sadhak can start the above-mentioned Dhyaan before the Brahma Muhurat. But, the main Hanuman Pujan should be done within the Brahma Muhurat.
5. The Sadhak needs to sit on a Kush Aasan near an Aak Plant with just the main plant coming out of soil. i.e. an Aak Plant, which has no branches. The plant has to be small, as it has to be plucked from the ground afterwards.
6. Now, sitting in front of the Aak Plant on a Kush Aasan, the Sadhak has to do Pujan of the plant using Haldi, Kumkum, Incense Sticks, Coconut, Kapur, etc.
7. After that, He needs to take teaspoonful water in his hand recite Janjira 1 and then offer it to the root of the plant.
8. This was first time, now repeat this 20 more times. I.e. In all it has to be done 21 times
9. Now, again, take a teaspoonful of water in your hand, recite Janjira 2 and offer the water the root of the plant. Do this also 21 times.
10. Now recite Guru Mantra 11 times and then leave for your home.
11.This entire process has to be repeated for 21 days.
12. On the 21st day, Lord Hanuman will give you Darshan. Do take a Sweet Bhojan with you to give it to him.
13. When he comes, recite Janjira 2 and he will start speaking. Do Shashtang Namaskar. Say Jay Shri Rama. He will tell you to ask for a wish. Be specific in your wish. If you have, some unfilled wish then ask that or  else take a Vachan from him that "Whenever problems come or whenever I need your help  you'll come and help me out and under no circumstances will you cause any kind of trouble to me".
14. Then request him to take the Sweet Bhojan. After that, pluck out the Aak Plant from the ground
15. Then you have to make a locket or amulet of the root of the plant and then wear it on your neck or on your waist.
16. Whenever you need help, recite Janjira 01 11 times. Lord Hanuman will come in front of you.
17. Or else, wear the locket on your ear and recite both the Janjiras. Lord Hanuman will give answer in your ear

Guidelines- 1) It is not meant for everyone. This Sadhana can only be done by an advanced Sadhak.
2) If the Sadhak's house has a female member undergoing her monthly cycles  then under no circumstances should this Sadhana be done.
3)It is the kind of Sadhana will give lots of hardships to the Sadhak but what you should know that what you are trying to achieve is not a small feat.
4) It has also been seen that it may happen that suddenly a lot of monkeys may come and obstruct your Sadhana.  A lot of snakes also may come during the Sadhana; trees may fall in front of you while you are on your way to the Aak Plant, etc. While doing the Sadhana you may hear lots of scary noises, which you may have never heard before so one must have enough mental strength.
5) The Sadhak needs to have Siddhi in a protection mantra. If he does not have, Siddhi over a Protection Mantra He can recite this mantra:

Vajra Ka Kotha Mantra for Hanuman Protection
Vajra Ka Kotha Mantra

6)Siddhi over the above-mentioned Mantra has to be achieved on a Shukla Paksha Tuesday in any Hanuman Temple by reciting it 1008 times.
7) Before starting the everyday Sadhana recite this mantra 11 times and blow your breath on your body
8) If you still feel unsafe or if problems still don’t stop recite Rama Raksha Stotra, Kali Kavach, Bhairav Kavach, Narasimha Kavach with utmost attention.
9) If still problems keep on coming, keep on reciting Narasimha Kavach or Maha Mrityunjay Kavach till you're about to start the Sadhana. Narasimha kavach is ultimate. Keep on remembering him if your ghosts are still coming or if you are still hearing scary noises. Lord Narasimha will definitely protect you.
10) If that too doesn't work, right before starting the Sadhana, recite the following Shabar Mantra 7 times, draw a line while standing inside the line and sprinkle Gangajal around and then sit on the Aasan:

|| ॐ नमो आदेश  गुरु  को,
अजरी बांधु, बजरी  बांधु,
बांधु  दस  किवाड,
आन पडी हनुमानजी की,
रक्षा राम की कार,
पहली  चौकी  गणपतिजी  की,
दूजी  विकत  वीर  हनुमान,
तीजी चौकी  भूमिया भैरव,
चौथी  चौकी  नरसिंह की  आन,
जो  इन्ही  चौकी  को  लांघे,
तुरंत  ही  भस्म  हो  जावे,
दुश्मन  वैरी  जो  कोई  करे,
उल्ट वहीं पे  उल्टा  पडे,
मंत्र  साचा  पिंड  काचा,
फुरो  मंत्र  ईश्वरी  वाचा ||

|| Om namo aadesh guru ko,
ajari baandhu, bajari baandhu,
baandhu dus kivaad,
aan padi hanumanji ki,
raksha ram ki kaar,
pahali chowki ganpatiji ki,
duji vikat veer hanuman,
teeji chowki bhumiya bhairav,
chauthi chowki narsingh ki aan
jo inhi chowki ko laanghe,
turant hi bhasma ho jaave,
dushman vairi jo koi kare,
ult vahi pe ulta pade,
mantra saachaa pind kaachaa,
furo mantra ishwari vaachaa ||

And If this too doesn't stop the problems, ghosts, pisach,etc. start reciting Bajrang Baan.

11) While doing the Sadhana, the Sadhak should not fear or he will go mad or die.
12) If the Sadhak feels that he cannot contain the fear anymore he should start reciting Gayatri Mantra  followed by the six lettered Rama mantra or the Hare Rama Hare Krishna Mantra till his fear doesn’t go away.
Hindu Devotional Mantras for Hanuman Veer Jagruti Mantra Prayoga
Mantras for Hanuman Veer Jagruti Mantra Prayoga
13) The Sadhak should follow the  5 Yam and 5 Niyam.
14) If there ever comes a situation where you don't know what to do, you should recite Gayatri Mantra and pray to Gods to help you.
15) A lot of hardships will come during the Sadhana and the Sadhak may feel that Lord Hanuman doesn’t want him to do the Sadhana but this is God testing you. If Lord Hanuman doesn’t want to appear in front of you, he won’t appear even after you complete the Sadhana
16) No one should know you're doing this Sadhana and no one should see you while doing this Sadhana.
17) Every day before leaving for your home, recite Narasimha Kavach, Kali Kavach and Bhairav Kavach and then leave for your home and while going home don't look back even once. You may hear lots of strange noises while you go back home, if that happens keep on chanting the Gayatri Mantra but do not under any circumstances look back.
18) On the 21st day, It may happen that you may not see him right away. But that is fine, on finishing the last day's Sadhana leave for your home. It has been experienced that while going back if you start hearing a "Gurur Gurur" kind of sound in your ear it means he has come. However, it may happen that you will hear some different kind of sound but you yourself will understand that he has come. This day too, do not look over your shoulder. If you feel that he has come, request him to give you darshan.
19) If he comes, and you don’t get Darshan and just hear him speaking in the ear request him to give you darshan
20) It is a fact and personally experienced that the last 2-3 days before he comes is the time when you will face the most scary and dangerous situations.
21) I have provided with the most powerful ways to protect oneself from any kind of perils and that is enough. However, you can do whatever more you want to. There is no bar.
22) The main procedure from leaving home, doing the Pujan of the Aak Plant to coming back home needs to happen within the Brahma Muhurat as that is the time period when you are going to get the Darshan of Hanuman on the 21st day.
23) The kavach has the be recited with all nyaas.
24) I have mentioned almost all the things including the things that may happen during the sadhana but something else can also happen. Hence, Every day, recite Gayatri mantra, Hare Rama Hare Krishna mantra and Guru mantra. These mantras are going to be your savior.

Janjira 01 :-
गणा गणा कामारी गणा |
पायामाधीन सोन्या सुवर्नाच्चा बहाणा |
वहान गेली अग्नी निधाली,
ओच्च्यावर होता कोल्ह्यासर दैत ||
जगती ज्योत जगत रहो  |
खेत देव दैत चाले रे ||
हनुमान बीर सिध्यांशी  गुरु छु ||

Janjira 02 :-
गणा ज गणपती सारजा सरस्वती ||
साज सरस्वतीनं काय केल?
डाग दुबला डाग दबल्याची ||
काजल आणली शिरी कुंकवाची ||
चिरी ल्याली ये अंजनीच्या सुता ||
रामाच्य दूता आमचे काम सिद्ध करावे ||
नाहीनं करशील तर राम-लक्ष्मणाची आण ||
सीता जानकी ची आण सिध्यांशी गुरु छू ||

Neel N is the founder of He tells you in English and Hindi about Spells, Vashikaran, Yakshinis and all Hindu and Islamic Mantras and Yantras. The Prophecies, Revolutions of India and the coming World Wars of the Bible, Kalki Avatar and Nostradamus. The Mantra and Remedies for Healthy Living and Exploring the Unknown Universe.


  1. Looks like a very powerful sadhana for advanced sadhak not for layperson.. Well thank you for this information guruji..
    Ram navmi is comming so please provide more hanuman sadhana for ram navmi specially.. I am confused which hanuman/ram sadhana is better for ram navmi because i want to do sadhana of hanuman and i am devotee of hanuman. Thank you

  2. I know another sadhna which invokes 21 Veers at once, but the risks are also greater.

    1. Can you email me that as i am doing various

    2. Please can you also email me the sadhana, with full details? My email is

    3. Please email me on

  3. post some sidhh shabar suraksha mantraa which can be infused with water or blown with breath for all around protectiin from ghosts,,... Related to bhairav,hanuman,kali,narsingh,,,..or any other diety you like ,,,so that a beginner or layperson can get all around protection from ghosts,,...

    1. Look at piont number 10 in this same post , theres the exact mantra that you want .
      However I am not sure how to do siddhi of that.

  4. I am a regular visitor of this website.
    First of all Hats-off to Neel Sir for the noble work he is doing & to Ashok Sir for such a Powerful Sadhna.
    Sir I am a devotee of Hanuman since childhood. I don't know how my attention got to Lord Hanuman as I used to do Durga Chalisa at that time. But like something forcefully pulled/attracted me to pray Lord Hanuman.

    Sir I am in a business for last 2 years which went very smoothly in begining but with passage of time, it has come to verge of collapsing.

    I consulted some astrologers & yogis, they told that some one has done Black Magic for my Health & Business, but anyhow I am able to survive with blessings of Lord Hanuman.

    1. Sir kindly tell me some Siddhi/Puja/Anushthan related to Lord Hanuman Ji to break Black Magic & be protected in future also.
    2. Sir Hanuman Jayanti is coming on 22nd. I keep fast on Hanuman Jayanti every year. Kindly tell me proper method and Mantra to worship on Hanuman Jayanti.
    Sincerely thankful to you Sir.

    1. hey mail me I can help you.


  5. Very much interesting article .
    I have a question . In point number 10 , theres a shabar raksha mantra invoking Ganapati , Hanumant , Bhairav and Lord Narsimha . How to achieve siddhi over the mantra ?

    1. Shabar mantras don't require siddhi

    2. Yes , they are self -active ,
      Thank you for such great article .
      DO you have authentic sadhana sadhanas of Manibhadra Yaksha or Apsara Sadhana like urvashi or Some information related to the "Mudras Of Apsara Sadhana " ?

  6. You can recite the mantra 108 times on 14th April guru pushya nakshatra. After that seven or eleven times everyday, and sprinkle water around you. One of the most powerful mantra for protection, also there is a different version of the same mantra.

  7. Hi Ashok Ji,

    Can you please confirm which hanuman protection mantra is correct (i mean pronounciation).

    This hanuman protection mantra shared by you last year read like this:

    "ॐ नमो वज्र का कोठा जिसमे पिंण्ड हमारा पैठा ईश्वर कुंजी | ब्रह्मा का ताला | मरे अठों नाथ का मती हनुमंत रखवाला |"

    However, few wordings in the one shared in this post looks quiet different.

    Please confirm which one should we recite.

  8. If theres anyone who wants to advance in sadhanas and having problems or real life problems but ardent vaishnava or hanumana devotee can contact me as we have prepared special siddha bajrang kavach maala consisting of original red coral with some special add-ons.This maala itself represents Lord hanuman.Who ever wears it aropund it's neck has full time protection of lord hanuman in all conditions, all his problems are solved within few months, the person's spiritual level enhances multiple times due energy of hanuman. Pratyaksha darshan of lord rama and hanuman is possible with a special sadhana done with maala and all wishes are fulfilled.Mala takes lot of time and energy for making so if theres devotee of hanuman who can afford it is welcome, but threr arerules for wearing it. All conditions sadhanas will be told after some one contacts.Mind you this mala is really a boon for vaishnavas and hanuman siddhas.

    Contact: or 07875080124

  9. doubt in 12th point shud we recite all those mantras everyday or only wen we face fear?

  10. Can anyone translate the janjiras please?

  11. Hindi me uplabdh karwaye is content ko

  12. Can we do this sadhna in home when the aak plant is available in home? And what should we do the 21 coconut of 21 days of sadhna?

    Means in hindi yadi aak ka paudha ghar me ho to kya sadhna ghar me kar sakte he?
    Un 21 nariyal ka kya krein jo 21 din ki sadhna me ikatthe ho jaye?kya un nariyal ko kisi saf jagah me ikattha karte jaye Aur bad me nadi me visarjit karna he?
    Please reply jarur krein
    Aur ye jankari hindi me bhi available karwaye.


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