Lal Kitab Remedies for Getting Job

In this post are described some easy to practice yet effective and powerful  Lal Kitab Remedies for Getting a Job or finding  any kind of reasonable employment, these remedies are called in the Hindi language as the Naukri Aur Rozgar Pane Ke Saral Aur Seedhe Upay Ya Totke. During the course of the past few years, this site has been regularly writing about many such simple Indian paranormal remedies, which are said to enhance the chances of finding a job.

1] In the morning while having a bath mix a pinch of Haldi Powder [Turmeric Powder] in the bath water and go to the Puja Ghar or the Photo or Idol of your Ishta Devta [favored Deity] and light 11 Agarbatti in front of the Ishta Devta and pray to the deity to fulfill your wish of finding a suitable and good job.

Then while leaving the home remember to put you right foot first out of the main door of the house while leaving the house for a job interview or to find a job.

Carry a fresh Roti with you and feed it to the first cow you come across while on the way to a job interview or anything connected to finding a job.

2] If desperately seeking a job, on the first Tuesday of the month, wrap a fistful of black rice grains in a white colored piece of cloth to prepare a small Potli [Bundle]. Then go to any temple of the Mother Goddess [Shakti Mata] and offer the Potli of Kale Chawal to the Mother Goddess and pray for success in find your dream job.

3] While searching for a job or going from place to place to get a job, bring a mental image of Bhagwan Shri Krishna in your mind and keep saying to yourself with firm faith and conviction that you will soon get a good job. After, getting a job visit a Shri Krishna Mandir and sincerely thank him for helping you get the desired job.

Notes – All three of the remedies from the Lal Kitab described above are independent of each other and all or any one of them can be practiced for the purpose of getting a suitable and desired job.

There are numerous such Lal Kitab and traditional Indian paranormal remedies for finding a desired job. I have written only about some of the simpler to practice remedies suitable for most laypersons.

Kindly also refer to the earlier remedies for the same purpose in the Paranormal Remedies for Money Section of the site.

If looking for a Mantra, Yantra or Charm for increasing the chances of getting a job, look up the concerned sections of this site.


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