Rudraksha Water Therapy for Fearfulness

Rudraksha Water Therapy is become extremely popular these days due to its well-known healing and curative properties. In this post, I have described a simple and easy to perform yet specific and effective Rudraksha Water Therapy for getting relief from fearfulness, restlessness, palpitations and vomiting due to severe acidity. This Rudraksha Beads Healing Remedy makes the use of the Char Mukhi or the Four Faced Rudraksha to resolve these health problems.

To perform the remedy- Three Char Mukhi Rudraksha Beads have to be kept immersed in clean drinking water, preferably in a clean copper or stainless steel utensil for a minimum of three hours.

Rudraksha Water Healing Therapy for Fearfulness, Tension, Restlessness, Acidity and Vomiting
Rudraksha Water Therapy for Fearfulness

Then after three hours, the person showing the symptoms described above should be administered 2 to 3 tablespoons of the Rudraksha Water at regular intervals of 5 minutes.

The Rudraksha Water should be given to the patient even after he has vomited to ensure that he does nor vomit again after some time. This gives relief to the patient and the palpitations, tension, fear and restlessness, which he is experiencing, subsides.

Note- Article written for educational purposes and not to advocate the use of any of these Traditional Indian Healing Remedies.


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