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Home Remedies using Asafetida [Hing]

The common Indian spice Asafetida, Hing in Hindi, apart from its traditional use in the kitchen is widely used in certain traditional home remedies in India as it is known to posses strong curative qualities. Some of the home remedies to cure and give relief from certain ailments and body conditions are given be me here in this post.

Future Asteroid Communication Time

Several high orbiting settlers were able to adequately perform subtasks related to programing and monitoring the robotic services. These were subtasks assigned to pay for their new homes and for settlement services and robotic products and tasks. Such subtasks had been greatly freeing the group of managers, plus the experts working for them, from such tedious tasks for source asteroids, and then also for the high orbiting settlements .

Yantra not to see Dreams in Sleep

This Yantra – Charm differs from the numerous Dream Yantras published on this site, the one given in this post is a simple and straightforward Yantra, not to see any kind of dreams at all in sleep. I am calling this Yantra simple and straightforward because it does not need and kind of infusion or worship to make it work.

Vasant Ritu Vashikaran Tantra

Vasant Ritu, the period of the Harvest or Spring season in India is an auspicious period to commence any new beginning. In this post, I have explained about to put an attraction spell on any person, without the use of any Mantra or Yantra.  There are two experiments given in this post, using a Vashikaran Churna [Magical Attraction Powder] that can be practiced during the period of the Vasant Ritu.

Home Remedies using Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds and Mustard Oil, apart from their traditional use in cooking are also used in some traditional home remedies, which are practiced in India. In this post, I have given some selected simple home remedies using the Mustard Seeds, for treating common ailments.

Modi will bring back Indian Black Money

The Indian black Money prophecies of Nostradamus, about which I had written just a few days back, in the light of Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minister of India, seem to be right on track. In fact, this was the first item on the agenda of the first Cabinet meeting of Modi’s Cabinet, just hours after he took over as the Prime Minister of India. This shows how much importance Modi attaches to this subject. Indian Black Money, in Swiss Banks and other safe Havens is generally believed to be in the range of approximately 400 Billion US Dollars, but the actual loot stored abroad is far more than what is estimated by experts. In 2010, I had written an article where, the estimate of stashed loot given was $1456 Billion US Dollars; this is a far more realistic estimate.

Fullball Vacation World in Future - 4

New arrivals settled in quite comfortably within their new fractional weights homes. They'd not needed to have much cable lifted up with them. Light clothing was good enough for the always good temperate atmosphere. Wanted computer files and effective texts could be simply beamed up to the settlements . Robotically produced quite capable home computers and viewing screens and most furniture, etc., were easily provided up here for them all.

Home Remedies using Apples

The apple is universally believed to be good for health and there a host of health remedies attributed to it. In this post, I have given some selected uncommon home remedies, practiced in India using the apple. However, keep in mind that excess consumption of any fruit, including apples is bad for health.

Shri Krishna Mantra for Important News

The mantra given in this post is a very popular and often chanted mantra by the faithful devotees of Shri Krishna. Today, in this post, I will explain how the sincere and devoted Shri Krishna Bhakt can put it to practical use.

Timings to Avoid during Sade Sati

There are numerous recommendations on what to avoid and what remedies to follow during Sade Sati, the most feared astrological transit of Shani, as per traditional  Hindu Astrology . In this post are given a specific set of timings and the specific things to avoid during those timings, for those who are going through the phase of Sade Sati.

Laxmi Prapti Remedies from Lal Kitab - 2

Today, I am writing about some more of the extremely simple remedies for Laxmi Prapti. These are among the simpler of the Lal Kitab Remedies ; they can be practiced by anyone, and are given essentially for the layperson. Please do not ask me how these remedies work, there has to be some paranormal phenomena behind their working.

Many people leave for Space in Future

Many settlers had gained the full trust and confidence of the investors group so much that, as their assigned subtasks, they had been evaluating more from Earth seeking permission to move up to the high orbiting settlements. In fact, they were sometimes cautiously even more carefully restrictive in judging potential new safe settlers than the investors had been.

Saliva Tilak Vashikaran Mantra

The Vashikaran Spell contained in this post makes the use of the practitioners Saliva as an object to put an attraction spell on any man or woman. The experiment is a Siddh one and does not require to be mastered. Vashikaran Sadhana The time for practicing is the period before Sunrise around 3.45 to 4.45 AM. This period is known as the Brahma Muhurta, an auspicious and fruitful timing for any kind of Meditation .

Home Remedies using Mango

Mango, the national fruit of India, is also said to be the King of Fruits in India.  This fruit has certain curative and healing properties attributed to it and has always been used in some traditional home remedies in India. In this post, I have included some interesting home remedies, which make the use of Mangoes and the parts of the Mango tree.

Nostradamus - Will Modi bring back Black Money

These Nostradamus prophecies regarding the accumulation of ill-gotten wealth in Swiss Banks were first interpreted by this site way back in 2009, much before Narendra Modi arrived on the national political scene in India. One of the elections promises of Modi and his commitment to Baba Ramdev was to retrieve this ill-gotten wealth and bring it back to India.

Lal Kitab Remedy to remove Debts

The remedy given in this post is a Lal Kitab Remedy to remove debts and regain financial stability. This remedy is useful for all those who are experiencing the unbearable burden of debts, including business persons.  This remedy has to be practiced on the day of Ashtami of Navratri; this is the eighth day of the festival of Navratri.

Prophecies on Narendra Modi - 2

The first stage of the prophecies and predictions on Narendra Modi, published by this site, much before Modi arrived on the national scene has been fulfilled. These future prophecies were written around the time, when Modi’s rivals dismissed him with contempt and screamed that he would never become a national leader.

Liberal Thinkers leave Earth in Future

More Earth folks came to accept even small numbers leaving Earth for the high orbiting settlements. Also they were even deciding it should maybe be good too for their planet to help and encourage many more to leave. Cable lift(s) would affordably permit this.

Karna Pishachini Mantra - 4

In previous posts, I have explained on numerous occasions, how the Karna Pishachini Yakshini is invoked through various Mantra Prayogs to whisper the future in the ears of the practitioner. In this post, I am giving a Karna Pishachini  Mantra Sadhana, which does not require any kind of Puja- Vidhi or any other kind of material or mental worship, other than what is mentioned below.

Business Vashikaran Yantra

This is a specific and super special Vashikaran Yantra to attract, enchant and put a spell on a person or a place for the purposes of business, commerce, trade, finance or any other kind of commercial purpose. This Yantra as you will no doubt notice makes the uses of the Vashikaran Mantra given by me in an earlier post for the same purpose.

Immense Benefits of Om Meditation

Om Meditation can be immensely useful to those people experiencing obstacles, blockages and problems in everything in life. This Meditation is also useful for those who are experiencing severe financial problem, including being under the burden of debts and the unbearable stress of meeting their day to day expenditure. Om Meditation gives peace of mind to those who are under severe mental stress and depression, including those who are depressed due to loss of a loved one, a broken love affair or the loss of a job.

Lal Kitab Remedy for Sudden Gain

This is a Lal kitab Remedy to be practiced if you are expecting Sudden Gain of money, property or any other kind of material wealth, but due to some or the other reason, the gain fails to manifests or is indefinitely delayed due to unnecessary problems. This remedy is said to remove all obstacles blocking the Sudden Gain.

Hindu Devta Mantra for Enemy Destruction

This is according to me a super powerful mantra for enemy destruction as it invokes three most powerful Hindu deities Kali Mata, Bhairava and Durga Mata. This experiment is Tamas Guni and most fearsome and should only be conducted by the highly advanced Aghori Sadhu , Tantrik or Yogi. Nevertheless, I will explain the Shatru Maran Tantra in this post.

Future Populations in Space Settlements

If new big cable lift passenger vessels for 5 future cable lifts could each be 20m x 20m by maybe 50m high, able to safely transport maybe 1,000 with their packed personal possessions, then if 10 such vessels per day for 5 cable lifts, that would total 50,000/day, over 18,000,000 each year, like .7% of USA's past population each month! That would then cost over 3 centuries if trying to transport all people off Earth as Sol keeps expanding badly hotter.

Kali Maa Mantra Sadhana for Manglik Girl

This is a Shakti Sadhana for a Manglik Girl, who is finding it difficult to get married, due to one reason or the other. This Prayog is said to placate the malefic Manglik Dosha and remove the obstacles, which are preventing the marriage of the Manglik Girl. At the outset, I must mention that this is a long term Mantra Sadhana of Kali Mata, which has to be practiced for 45 Mondays.

Devotional Ram Raksha Mantras

These are devotional mantras for the dedicated and sincere Ram Bhakts, the lifelong devotees of Shri Ram.  These are super powerful Ram Raksha Mantra, which protect the devotee from Klesh and Peeda of every kind, including dangers, diseases, financial burdens and enemies. In this post, I will explain how the Mantra Sadhana is done.

Traditional Indian Face Cleansing Oil

This is a Face cleansing oil formula, which is part of the traditional aromatherapy , practiced in India. This formula, which can be prepared at home is said to be much safer and superior to the face cleansing oils and milks available in the market. This oil gives a pleasant aroma and is healthy and nourishing for the skin.  In this post, I will explain how to prepare this oil at home.

Chamunda Mantra to Shut Enemy Mouth

The mouth can more often than not do more damage than the sword. Many people fear those enemies who are likely to destroy their reputations by spread false and defamatory rumors about them or blackmailers, wanting something in return, for keeping their mouth shut. The Hindu Mantra Science of remote enemy annihilation includes the Stambhan or Immobilization Tantra, which is known to remotely remove all kinds of enemies from ones surroundings. In this post is given another one of the Stambhan Mantra and the Tantra to put it to practical use.

Future Air Swimming in Outer Space - 2

Most of the time while air swimming, you'd simply float relaxed, effortlessly drifting head up toward some wanted likely not too far away destination. Folks on Earth could jealously envy you for gaining such easier travel than slow walking, for shorter distances thanks to a 3D filled volume Fullball Balloon world, (vs. spread out Earth surface-only places being at ever much farther distances away from you).

Vashikaran Yantra Troublesome In-Laws

Troublesome In-Laws are a major problem, having both physical as well as psychological implications, in most parts of the world, more so in countries like India, where the joint family concept still prevails.  In this post, I have written about a Vashikaran Yantra , which is said to act like a charm and put an attraction spell upon the problematic In-Laws and make them friendly and amicable towards their harassed daughter-in –law.

Agni Raksha Yantra

The Yantra given in this post is an Agni Raksha Yantra, meaning a Talisman for protection from harm and injury resulting from a fire. This Talisman is from the Raksha or Protection Yantra Mantra Tantra branch of Hindu Mantra Vidya.

Kundalini Beej Mantras and Healing

Meditation on the Beej or Root Mantras of the Kundalini apart from the spiritual growth automatically improves the health of the practitioner. In this post, I have given some important health benefits of Meditating upon the Beej Mantras of the Seven Chakras. Muladhara or Base Root Chakra – Meditating upon the Beej Mantra Lam लं Improves the functioning of the kidneys and the urinary tracts; it also strengthens the spine and removes ailments relating to the spine.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Girls Marriage

In this post, I am giving a couple of interesting and simple remedies for the marriage of a girl. These marriage remedies are for the girl of marriageable age, whose marriage proposal discussions with the family of the prospective bridegroom are in progress. Both these remedies are said to make the marriage proposal successful.

Yantra Experiment to Stop Diarrhea

Today, I will explain how a healing Charm is prepared and how a special experiment conducted to stop diarrhea. The procedure of making and using this Yantra is different from the usual way in which most health Yantras are prepared and put to use.

Dreams about Animals, Insects and Birds

Interpreters of Dreams and Dream physiology have always strived to give a shape and meaning to Dreams and arrived at varied conclusions based upon their findings. In this post, I have tried to give a detailed compilation on the meaning of dreams about animals, birds, reptiles, insects and rodents and what they symbolize.

Future Swimming Pools in Outer Space

It's unsurprising that more and more folks would decide to seek approval to move up into a high orbiting settlement off Earth. Those approved were mostly rather liberal minded young adults, happy to enjoy the ever more advanced robotically well served very easy living.

Boss Vashikaran Mantra Tantra - 3

This is another one of the Vashikaran Mantras to put an enchantment spell on the boss. I published a couple of such mantra a few years back. This one apart from the Vashikaran Mantra involves a specific Sadhana. The Boss Vashikaran Mantra Tantra is as follows The Sadhana has to be done on the day of a Surya Grahan [Solar Eclipse].

Yantra to get more Milk from Cows

This is a Yantra, which is said to increase the Milk Yield from cows, buffaloes and other domestic animals, bred for getting their Milk.  This Yantra can be made on any day by following the following procedure- To be prepared on a Bhojpatra. The ink used to draw the Yantra  should be a mixture of Kesar [Saffron], Gorochana and Kumkum. Any pointed wooden stick can be used as the written instrument.

Vasant Panchami Yantra to Attract Gods

Vasant or Basant Panchami is observed on the 5th day of the Hindu Month of Magha. This day hold great importance in traditional Hindu and Sikh culture. This day is considered most auspicious for the worship of many Hindu Deities, including the Goddess Saraswati and the Indian Love God, Kamdeva. The Vashikaran Yantra given by me in this post, is considered effective in the attraction these and other Indian Deities. This Yantra is also known as the Dev Vashikaran Yantra .

Moles on Nose and Cheeks of Women Meanings

In this post, I have given some important locations of Moles and Birth Marks on the Nose, Cheeks and forehead of a woman and what they signify. Mole on the Forehead The woman who has a Mole or a Birth Mark  on her forehead, in between her eyebrows, gives a lot of love and affection from her husband, son and other family members. The family members of such a woman enjoy the happiness and the material benefits of life.

Home Remedies with Clarified Butter [ Cow Ghee ]

The clarified butter of a Cow is extensively used in numerous Hindu rites and ritual in India, including Havans. Cow Ghee has always been a much-used ingredient in traditional , Ayuvedic and Unani Medicine in India, since ancient times. Readers will surely have noticed its use in a large number of Mantra, Yantra Sadhanas and Prayogs, published in the site.  In this post, I will explain how some simple home remedies are practiced in Indian with Cow Ghee.

Abandoning Earth for Space Settlements

Unsurprisingly, more and more Earth folks grew tempted by the low cost to move up into the high orbiting robotically well served settlements. This especially tempted younger adults not yet too heavily tied to traditional old Earth living. The now very efficient geostationary cable lift cost merely about 1% of a traditional old (air polluting) rocket lift.

Shiva Yantra to Influence Powerful People

This is a Raja Vashikaran Yantra, meaning a charm to influence, enchant and attract very powerful persons, those having business, political or dictatorial power and money or all of these. This Yantra is an invocation to Shiva to fulfill the wishes of the practitioner, hence there is a specific Tantra involved, in this post, I will explain this Tantra and how to prepare the Vashikaran Yantra .

Meaning of Moles on Private Parts of Women

In this post, I have given some interesting and important locations of Moles on the thighs, navel, stomach and private parts of a woman and what they indicate about her future. Mole on Thighs  If there are two Moles on the left Thigh of a woman, then her thinking is not pure. This is said to be due to the effect of the Mool Nakshatra { Lambda Scorpio} at the time of her birth.

Meaning of Moles on Breasts of Women

In this post, I have given the meanings of Moles located on the Breasts, Chest Area and the Heart of women. These interpretations are according to the ancient Indian Tantra Shastra , which deals with the meanings, interpretations and symbolism of Moles, Birthmarks, the shape and size and other marks and indicators on the body parts of a person.

Smashan Kali Vashikaran Mantra

This is a Vashikaran Mantra, which has to be Mastered in a Smashan Bhoomi to gain Siddhi. This is a fearsome Vashikaran Sadhana , invoking Vikaralini; the extremely fierce, scary and dreadful form of Kali Mata. This kind of Vashikaran is essentially for the Aghori Sadhak and Yogis and not for the ordinary practitioner.

Mantra to cure Stomach Ulcers

Stomach or Peptic Ulcers are caused mostly by severe and chronic acidity resulting from irregular, improper or unhealthy food habits. This results in causing damage and wounds in the intestines, notably fissures in the stomach lining. A person suffering from stomach Ulcers has to be kept on medication and a restricted diet, if this does not cure the patient, then he has to undergo an operation. In this post, I have given a Hindu Health Mantra , believed to be effective in treating and curing Peptic Ulcers.

Interpretations of Dreams Regarding Health

In this post, I have described the interpretations of certain specific Dreams, which are said to be connected to health. However, as described in earlier posts, there are many other factors, which determine the fate of humans. The future in dynamic and ever changing, so remember that dreams are only indications and not the last word about your future.

Fullball Vacation Worlds of Future - 3

Vacationing up in the geostationary height Fullball vacation world, thanks to the low cost geostationary cable lift, became much nice fun, much better than just watching some past brief views sent down showing folks enjoying living up in the bigger 3D Fullball balloon world orbiting high around Earth. This offered interested people a way to sample such living a while, before maybe deciding to seek approval to move up to the higher bigger Fullball world. Such a vacation was nicely much more affordable than if having to be lifted by a (costly) Earth made rocket.

Mantra for Confident and Clear Voice

Today I will explain an extremely simple, yet super effective Tantra to increase the strength of the vocal cords and gain a strong, unfaltering, fluent and clear voice. This Svara Tantra should be useful not only the politician, public speaker, teacher and salesperson, but for the ordinary person, as a strong voice indicates confidence and clarity in thoughts and thinking.

Vashikaran Mantra Tantra for Husband

This Vashikaran spell to enchant and put an attraction spell on a husband is somewhat similar to the one, which I had published a few years back. This one appears to be a variation of that Vashikaran Mantra , where the Tantra is almost similar and serves the same purpose. This is an Aghori Mantra, because it makes the use of animal flesh, hence Tamas Guni in nature.

Simple Home Remedies with Oranges

Oranges are rich in iron and calcium content, phosphorus and other mineral substances.  Oranges are said to contain a large quantity of Vitamin C, Vitamin A and B in medium quantities and a small quantity of Vitamin D.  In this post, I will explain how many simple home remedies are practiced with Oranges. Oranges and Orange juice are useful to those wishing to gain weight and make their blood red and healthy.