Fullball Vacation World in Future - 4

New arrivals settled in quite comfortably within their new fractional weights homes. They'd not needed to have much cable lifted up with them. Light clothing was good enough for the always good temperate atmosphere. Wanted computer files and effective texts could be simply beamed up to the settlements. Robotically produced quite capable home computers and viewing screens and most furniture, etc., were easily provided up here for them all.

Many TV entertainments were available, skillfully produced by others of course having lots of free time up here to have fun making a variety of quite good entertainments. You might watch some with a mate or friends while a serving robot prepared and brought you good tasting meals prepared from genetically improved healthy very nutritious farmed plants, and maybe from fruits from your home's yard.

So daily living most comfortably relaxed at home was quite enjoyable. And in a Fullball world, there would be some parks cylinders nearby to enjoy relaxing in with others not far from home, often with low spins for most comfortable fractional weights. Many parks would have good wading and swimming pools for you to enjoy. At times such parks would be spun to give Earth like weights, like maybe for playing some sports or exercising or running.

Air swimming weightless to friends (likely quite close in an efficiently volume-filled 3D Fullball balloon world) was very easy to do. Or if you wanted to carry more things than weightless in a back bag, you could sometimes freely use one of the light weight vessels (propelled by its contained battery operated air fans), kept parked available near homes cylinders.

Newly arrived couples discovered that fractional weight private sexual playing could become extra enjoyable, easier and more relaxed than at full weight down on Earth. And they had lots of free time usable for enjoying such good natural pleasures.

Unsurprisingly, few would ever decide to later abandon here and return to Earth surface-only harder more expensive living, in usually less nice temperatures or in poor surface weather, while down there being within an often less closely compatable average population. They much enjoyed living up here among many more compatable also more liberal minded new happy friends and neighbors.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask Iwas.A.Member@gmail.com. If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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