Experts Eliminating Diseases in Future

As populations in the high orbiting settlements kept slowly increasing, that began to include a bigger fraction, than among folks down on Earth, wanting to be involved in researching and testing improved ways to try eliminating diseases long plaguing humans. Up here was a safer place to test some trial disease preventions, partly because those approved to have moved up off Earth had been required to have first had some existing communicable diseases in them safely totally eliminated. The investors group in charge of the two high orbiting settlements had easily been able to insist on such a restrictive delay for some, since approved settlers were only a tiny minor fraction out of Earth's big growing populations.

Also up here was cleaner than down on dirty Earth surface lands long having many diseases spread around within our big populations filled nations. Thus up here became a better place to cleanly test some new trial improved disease blocking methods. Thanks to having more time freed by increasingly better robotic services, more than a few settlers enjoyed helping Earth R&D (research & development) experts in this. 1, then 2, then more Earth R&D experts in this had been moving up into the Fullball world, liking the many almost free robotic services, while very well equipped most capable advanced fancy labs became established for them, much assisted by many special very good robotic devices.

New lab cylinders formed for the genetics R&D experts in the high orbiting Fullball world had been formed with a 8m radius open central park playing and social gathering volume, (similar to in normal homes cylinders). Homes etc. levels would be given a turning rate once in 17s. The new special lab cylinders had ample homes and laboratories and other levels for researchers, and possibly for extended families with them also abandoning Earth for the quite tempting safer easier cheaper living up here, and for their helping staff, with mid level radii and resulting effective weights as still very comfortable small fractions of weights on Earth, like cylinder radii and %s of Earth surface gravity: 9m 12.5%, 11m 15.3%, 13m 18.1%, 15m 20.9%, 17m 23.7%, 19m 26.5%, 21m 29.3%, 23m 32.1%.

Available partly for experiments etc., and for sustaining some useful experimental Earth animal or plant specimens, outer levels might be 25m 34.8%, 27m 37.6%, ..., 36m 50.2%. Several such specimens levels were usefully formed 4-6m high, to be better for several types of plants or animals.

These new special lab cylinders had ample more central levels homes allowing helping staff to live close to work, at very comfortable 1/8 - 1/3 Earth surface weights. More levels outside them were well equipped for experimental work and for keeping the special wanted useful specimens very safely carefully contained while suitably living well.

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