Collecting Dangerous Asteroids in Future

There was no sensible reason to leave so many small but possibly dangerous asteroids independently orbiting, cluttering up space. From such asteroids, some of which could possibly some century get deflected to dangerously strike Earth, those small enough to have their orbits somewhat easily deflected were sent ion jets energized from Solar light, while ionizing some asteroid matter, to gradually alter their orbits to match some selected not a lot bigger asteroid. These became collection places for small asteroids. Each such asteroid collection place had its earlier sent communications cube not on the surface, but slowly orbiting safely well above there, to help new arrivals from any direction easily find it at most any time.

Before being halted to lightly fall into this asteroid collection, if this asteroid had been big enough to have earlier been sent robotic equipment to monitor its orbit, this would have collected a good load of selected asteroid matter properly usable for its ion jet. Then that earlier equipment plus its communications cube had lifted off and jetted away, to eventually go to some other newly found asteroid.

Before each such arriving small asteroid would very lightly fall into the asteroid collection, the newer ion jet now with it had also picked up an ample asteroid matter supply for its own future ion jet use, to go to some future small asteroid. Then as the small asteroid was about to lightly fall into the asteroid collection, it might have been given suitable relative light velocity to help slightly shift the collection into a slightly better orbit. The altered orbit details for this asteroid collection place would be reevaluated, then beamed from its orbiting communications cube to Earth.

Earth folks were happy to have such asteroid consolidations done at zero cost to them. This would leave less future risk of any of those small asteroids ever getting deflected to possibly strike Earth, while helping clean up interplanetary space for future space probes or vessesls. So the investors group responsible for the two high settlements orbiting Earth, and now also for this collection scheme, gained extra good approval from Earth's populations.

After this consolidation would get done for many small asteroids, in the future it would be decided such consolidation could also be done with some asteroids not quite as small.

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