Lal Kitab Remedy for Attracting Customers

This is the second remedy, which the Lal Kitab recommends for those about to open a new shop or office. This one like the earlier one given a few days back is a do-it-yourself Indian paranormal remedy and is beneficial for those wishing to kick start any new venture in a positive manner and attract the most harmonious vibrations to their place of business and attract lots of customers.

This remedy like the earlier one is to be practiced at the time of the inauguration of the new business. The businessperson has to take four small clay pots [Matkas] and fill Black Sesame Seeds, Mung Beans, Barley Grains and Yellow Mustard Seeds respectively in each of the four clay pots.

Then the four pots have to be placed in the shop in such a position from where the main entrance of the shop is clearly visible.

The next year, the pots should be immersed in a river or a flowing water body and new pots put in their place.

This Lal Kitab Remedy is said to ensure an unending and unobstructed flow of customers to the shop, office or business premises.

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  1. All 4 in each pot or one item in one pot only

  2. got anything for internet business such as sale of apps?

  3. I am keeping exhibition of kurtis at home.where do I keep matkas?

    1. In such a position from where the entrance to the exhibition room is visible.

  4. hello sir , i am doctor i have started a new clinic but patient couldn't find my clinic because it,s behind of other shop. plz give me some advice to growth of my clinic .
    Thank you

  5. hello sir, i couldn't get sheesham seeds. plz help

  6. Sir, i have my own job placement. Please suggest something.

  7. My job placement already exist... i want remedies to mk it successful. I want to place ten candidates per month... pls advice

    1. The remedies given here are also relevant to your business-
      or you can try some of the remedies for Business Profit or Laxmi Prapti given in the section of Lal Kitab.

  8. hello sir,
    i want to ask that the pot after filling the items should be kept open or close the opening with lid or by tying some cloth on its mouth.should it be kept inside the shop or is it ok if its kept outside the shop too?

    1. You can close the lid of the pot with a cloth tied with a string.

  9. Hii i am swati. I have startrd my boutique 1 month back but I am not getting any response..plss tell me any remedy that my boutique start giving me profit and customer start giving me I am the only person who is earning in my home. .plss give me remedy for start getting orders

  10. Jai Sri Ram
    Sir in few days I'm going to opening of my business.. I hope u can show right way..
    1. Can we hang the 4pots in main entrance of the shop?
    2.can we do this before or after the inauguration?
    3.can we do this the running business?
    Please reply me Sir ..
    Jai Sri Ram..


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