Santan Sukh Remedies from Lal Kitab

Santan Sukh; happiness from Progeny, is something which most people seek in life. Especially in India. The Magical Scripture; the Lal Kitab has given some major remedies for Santan Sukh and this includes remedies for the nine main astrological bodies; that is if they are in malefic houses or combinations, which are creating obstruction, delays or blockages in giving the benefits of happiness from progeny to the natives.

Readers kindly note that these are only advisories and there are other factors involved; however you can practice 1 or more of these remedies if you are a believer is such paranormal Indian remedies.

1] Prepare Sweet Rotis and given them to dogs to eat.

2] Keep a Male Dog Pup in your home as a pet, this is said to ensure that your family linage continues.

3] Sometimes feed a Cow with half a portion of your meals. Be kind to Cows and always seek their blessings.

4] Once every month calculate the total of the number of family members and the number of guests who visit your home and prepare Rotis, which are more in number than the total of family members and guests coming to the house in that month. Feeds these Rotis to animals.

5] Every day give 3 helpings from your meals to a Dog to eat. Eat your meals, sitting in the place where they are actually prepared.

6] If the fetus dies in the womb; then tie a Red Colored Thread on the forearm of the Woman and let it remain on the forearm for nine months.

Remedies for the nine planets.
Sun – Mix 7 uncooked food grains and feed them to ants.
Moon – Bury some old Jaggery in the ground.
Mars – Donate new Jaggery to beggars.
Mercury – Keep some Ganga Jal in the Pooja Place.
Jupiter – Apply a Tilak of Pure Kesar Paste on your forehead on Thursdays.
Venus – Immerse a white piece of cloth and a scented flower in a water body.
Saturn – Bury Black Til [ Black Mustard Seeds] wrapped in a Black Cloth in the ground.
Ketu – Donate 2 Blankets of 2 different colors as charity.
Rahu – Release a snake in the forest on the day of the festival of Nagpanchami.

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  1. Really useful but i m commonman how can i know that which planet is harmful fpr chilless problem till the date no astro given me satisfactory answer
    if u plz read my kundli once
    my dob is 3/12/71
    9:53 am
    rajkot gujarat

  2. Sir, we r advised testtube baby it is the only option left and embryo failed.
    My ovaries have no eggs left for next cycle treatment as I have some genetic prob and aged early to my age.
    I have Rahu in 8th house and Ketu with moon in Scorpio,mars Saturn in Libra ascendant.these are the planets causing issue.kindly help which mantra to follow to conceive ? Can you share specific Hanuman mantra sadhana for mars Saturn conjunction and infertility?
    Thanks sir


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