Kameshwari Vashikaran Mantra 3

In a couple of article written earlier I have given information about the Kameshrari Yakshini; the mystic entity; also known as Kamahkya Devi;  the Goddess of Desire and Enchantment and also in the lower and underdeveloped realms;  Lust and Hyper Drive in matters relating to the opposite sex.

I had given 2 specific Vashikaran Mantras to invoke this Yakshini; the Mantra Sadhana, I am giving here is simpler than both the earlier ones. The Sadhak has to practice this Prayog sitting under a Tad Tree; known in the English Language as the Toddy Palm Tree [the drinks Neera and Toddy are the By-products of the fruit of this tree].

The number of chants per day amount to 5000, any kind of Counting Mala and kind of comfortable Sitting Mat will do. This experiment has to be conducted everyday for 1 Month.

The Mantra to invoke the Goddess of Enchantment Kamakhya Devi
Kameshwari Vashikaran Mantra 3

Earlier articles of Kameshwari Yakshini
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Disclaimer – Mantra Prayog given for the benefit of Advanced Spiritualists.

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  1. as i know there are several yakshini sadhanss like anuragini kameshwari padmini natini madhumati etc. in all case if one can satisfy the yakshini by puja and japam then she will appear before sadhaka. at that time sadhaka has to accept her either as jaya bhaginni or mata. if accepted as jaya then only she will satisfy whole life by physical pleasure but as sister she will bring celestial ladies and wealth for sadhaka. as mata she will look after his everything. but that particular sadhaka has said only about physical relationship with yakshis but this is not the only prescribed relationship. How this sadhaka is telling only this way? is it rightly applicable to all?

    1. Soulhacker88,
      You may discuss this issue with me, as I have also spent lots of time on Yakshini Sadhana. See my personal page for contact info.


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