Sun Mantra for Disease and Weakness

This Sun Salutation Mantra is also a most effective all disease removing mantra. This Surya Mantra is practiced extensively for Heart Ailments and Jaundice.

The commonly attributed meaning to this Atharva- Veda Mantra is an invocation to Surya Deva to remove heart disease and paleness [ meaning jaundice] from the heart. This in my opinion is a very restricted meaning for this all powerful Sun Mantra.

“Let the Sun-Rays destroy all disease and weakness form my heart” is the correct meaning. The word heart in the Mantra is symbolic for the entire body and paleness for weakness; hence the invocation is a call to the Sun-Rays [Sun God] to enter the body and eradicate all diseases and weakness.

Along with those already practicing this as a Health Mantra for heart ailments and for curing jaundice; any one suffering from any disease; no matter how serious can practice this Mantra. The Mantra chanting should be in the form of a meditation; the practitioner visualizing the divine rays of the Sun, entering his body and destroying all diseases.

An Indian Health Mantra dedicated to the Sun God
Sun Mantra for Disease and Weakness

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