Ganesha Sadhana for Success

This is a variation of the popular Satvik Ganesh Mantra Sadhana I had written about some time back. This Prayog is specially for people facing difficulties and repeated failures in employment or any kind of trade and business. This Ganesh Sadhana has to be done on the most auspicious festival of Ganesh Chaturthi; with firm belief and faith in the miraculous powers of Ganesha Worship.

On the day of Ganesh Chaturthi an image of Ganesha having the trunk curved towards the right side has to be installed in the house, office or shop in a prominent place facing the main entrance. The Right Trunk or Dakshin Mukhi Ganpati is normally not worshipped and such an image or murti is also rarely found in the homes of Ganesh Bhakts.

After installing the image or photo an Prarthana of the photo has to be done with utmost sincerity. Then a whole unbroken Clove Stick and a whole unbroken Supari has be kept at the feet of the photo. When ever going for some important work the devotee should chant “Jai Ganesh Kato Klesh – जय गणेश काटो क्लेश” and take the Supari and Clove along with him. The Supari has to be kept in the pocket and the Clove kept in the mouth and sucked.

Then after returning back to the home or office the Supari has to be kept back before the photo and the Clove replaced.

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  1. I think, letter T is missing is from third paragraph. I think you meant to write clove stick.Sir please forgive me if am wrong.

  2. After installing the image an "prarthana" of the photo has to be done... What is prarthana, Sir? If I'm going to establish a Ganesh altar, but not on the Ganesh Chaturthi Festival, should I do this "prarthana" as well after installing a Ganesh's photo? Please kindly give a brief explanation. Thanks a lot.

  3. Prarthana translated into plain English is a Prayer. You can say any prayer in your own words after installing the image.

    1. It looks like there's another prarthana in this post for Laxmi Sthapana:
      "Say a small prayer that you are installing Laxmi at home and may she always..." Is this another example of prarthana? If so, can we conclude that prarthana is a common step in a sthapana?

    2. Yes and you can say the prayer in your own words and language for whichever purpose you are doing the sthapana for.

  4. Is it okay to do the sthapna on any ganesh chaturthi? i see in the hindu calendar there is a ganesh chaturhi almost every month.

    1. Yes it is an auspicious occasion and you can do the Ganesh Sthapna.

  5. Dear Sir,
    Is it necessary that Lord Ganesha should face the main entrance of home or shop. Can we place in Puja Place but it might not face main entrance is that fine?


    1. For performing this Totka, the Ganesh Murti ot Photo has to be facing the Main entrance of the home or shop.

  6. Can I install regular Ganesh Murti(left sided trunk)instead of right side trunk or dakshina murti?


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