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Shani Sade Sati Nivaran Upay for Karka Rashi

Shani Sade Sati Nivaran Upay for the Janma Rashi Karka or Moon Sign Cancer have been described by me in this post. People belonging to this astrological sign who are going through this most trying and difficult phase of Shani Sade Sati can practice these Totke to tide over this turbulent astrological transit of Saturn.

Shani Sade Sati Nivaran Upay for Mithun Rashi

There are 2 simple Shani Sade Sati Nivaran Upay or remedies for removing the malefic side-effect of Sade Sati of Saturn for the Moon Sign Gemini or Mithun Janma Rashi.  People born under this sign are advised to perform both the easy to perform given below in this post to get relief from this most turbulent phase of Saturn in their horoscopes.

Sade Sati Nivaran Upay for Vrishabha Rashi

Shani Sade Sati Nivaran Upay for Vrishabha Rashi or Hindu Astrology Remedy for negating and removing the malefic side-effects of the Sade Sati of Saturn for Taurus has been described by me in this post. This paranormal Indian astrological remedy should be useful for natives of the Moon Sign Vrishabha or Taurus who are undergoing this dreaded astrological phase of Saturn.

Sade Sati Nivaran Upay for Mesh Rashi

Shani Sade Sati Nivaran Upay for the Mesha Janma Rashi or Remedy to remove ill-effects of Shani Sade Sati for the Moon Sign Aries has been described by me in this post.  This astrological remedy should be useful for people born in this astrological sign who are going through the turbulent period of Shani or Saturn Sade Sati.

Bahattar Ka Vashikaran Yantra

The Bahattar Ka Vashikaran Yantra or the Vashikaran Yantra, which vibrates to the number 72 or Bahattar is believed to be one of the most powerful, effective and potent of the Vashikaran Yantra Experiments. Along with the Yantra, this Vashikaran Prayog makes the use of Kabootar Ki Beet or the droppings of a Pigeon.

Paranormal Remedy for Freedom from Wife Domination

This is an very interesting paranormal remedy to free a person trapped under the domination of his wife. In this Hindi language this remedy is called as Pati Ko Patni Ke Varchasya Mukt Karne Ka Upay. This remedy, which is simple to practice is suitable for freeing a passive man from the domination of a very aggressive, cruel and ruthless wife or even freeing a man from the clutches of Femdom.

Remedy for Harassment from the Boss or Superior Officers

An Indian Paranormal Remedy for resolving problems, trouble and harassment caused by the Boss or a Superior Officer has been described by me in this post. This Remedy, which is called as Naukri Me Varishth Adhikari Ki Pareshani Ke Nivaran Ka Upay in Hindi can be practiced by people who are being harassed by their superiors.

Paranormal Indian Remedy to Lose Fat

A simple Indian Home Remedy to loose Fat naturally in 40 days without taking any harmful fat and weight reduction medicines or supplements, which are likely to have side-effects has been described by me in this post. There is also a paranormal element attached to this weight loss remedy.

Mantra for Slow Learner Child

A special Mantra Chant to open up the mind of a slow learner child or Mand Buddhi Balak Ka Dimag Thik Aur Tej Karne Ka Mantra has been described by me in this post. This Mantra, which is composed in an easy to understand and pronounce Hindi Language is especially useful for parents of such children who are searching for paranormal means to help their child overcome this learning related disability.

Mantra to Find the Kind of Entity that is Troubling Someone

A Shabar Navnath Panthiya Mantra-Tantra Prayog to diagnose and find out the specific kind of Badha or Paranormal Obstacle and Barrier a person is affected with has been described by me in this post. This includes, problems from paranormal entities like Bhoot-Pret-Pishach, Upari-Hawa, Buri-Bala, Dakini-Shakini, Devta-Devi Badha or Obstacles and Barriers from Spirits, Ghosts, Demons and even Gods and Goddesses.

Mirgi Rog Nivaran Yantra

This Yantra, which I have written about in this post is said to act like a healing talisman and give relief to people suffering from epilepsy. In the Hindi language, this talisman is called as the Mirgi Rog Nivaran Yantra.

Hypnotic Telepathic Suggestion to Attract Lover

In this post, I have written about a simple breathing exercise experiment to attract your lover, desired lover, husband, wife or ex-lover and cast a Voodoo Love Spell upon that person. This experiment is a form of hypnotic telepathic suggestion by which you can implant your thoughts or ideas into the mind of another person and make that person fall in love with you.

Bhairav Mantra for Shani Sade Sati Nivaran

In this post, I have written about a Bhairav Mantra for getting freedom from the torrid and turbulent period of the dreaded Shani Sade Sati. The Mantra, which is in simple to understand and pronounce Hindi text can be most useful and beneficial for true and devoted Bhakts of Bhairava who are going through this feared astrological phase of Shani Sade Sati.

Help of Ghosts in Naked Mantra Sadhana

There are some special kind of Mantra Sadhans and Tantric Experiments, which are to be practiced completely naked without wearing any clothes. In this post, I have given a couple of simple tips to Sadhaks who are engaged in such Nagna Mantra-Tantra Prayogas.

Nath Panthiya Upari Badha Nashak Mantra

This post, describes the method of performing an Nath Sampradaya Exorcism Mantra Ritual over a child who is affected by Upari Badha, Black Magic Spells, Evil-Eye, Dangerous Ghosts and Spirits and any other kind of harmful paranormal energy.

Mantra for Anger Removal from Enemy

In this post, I have written about a Siddha Shabar Vidya Mantra for removing anger from an enemy, rival or competitor  by calming him down and making him amicable and friendly. The Mantra is said to cast a soothing Vashikaran Spell on the angry person and quickly change his mood for the better.

Shaktishali Vashikaran Bisa Yantra

The Yantra described by me in this post is said to a Sarva Shresht or Sarva Shaktishali Bisa Yantra to make yourself so attractive and appealing that even Devi aur Devta will become enchanted by the radiance of your personality and come under your Vashikaran Spell.

Home Remedy using Gold Water to Heal Wounds

In this post, I have described a simple paranormal method of healing a scar from a wound or due to some or the other disease or ailment, which is not not healing quickly. This Indian paranormal home remedy makes the use of the healing power of gold to get results in healing the scar or wound.

Islamic Vashikaran Mantra using Halwa

In this post, I have written about an Shabar Islamic Vashikaran Mantra Experiment using Halwa. This particular experiment is used to cast an Sammohan Spell or a Hypnotic Spell of Enchantment and Fascination on any man or woman for any purpose, including love, marriage, business or money.

Benefit of Consuming Warm Water at Night

Traditional healers in India always advise that people suffering from the problem of chronic cough and cold and irregularity in passing stools or constipation should consume a glass of warm water at night just before going to sleep.

Mantra to Walk on Water and Fly In the Air

In this post, I have written about a Mantra for getting Aakash Gaman Aur Jal Pe Chalne Ki Chamatkari Siddhi or getting the magical paranormal power to fly in the sky and walk on water.

Vashikaran By Smell Totka to Attract Boy or Girl

Sugandh Dwara Vashikaran or Attraction By Way of Smell is one of the most popular and famous of the Vashikaran Totke practiced in order to bind and make a girl or boy co-operative under a Vashikaran Spell for the motive of love, friendship or marriage.

Immense Benefits of Mantra Sadhana in Brahma Muhurta

A Sanskrit verse says that one can only gain the immense benefits of Brahma Muhurta only by doing Nidra-Tyag or Sacrificing Sleep. Brahma Muhurta is the period falling during the 4th Prahar of the night and generally it falls between 4AM to 5AM in the morning.

Wednesday Fast for Money and Removing Problems

Budhwar Ka Vrat or Keeping a Fast on Wednesdays is considered to be beneficial in resolving money, finance or business related problems and obstacles or for finding a solution for problems and dangers from rivals, competitors or enemies or protection from sudden demise, accidents and calamities.

Remedy to Know if Evil Eye has been Destroyed

In this post, I have described an interesting Indian exorcism ritual to remove the Evil- Eye from a suspected victim and to know whether the Evil-Eye has been destroyed. In case, the Evil-Eye, still persists, then, I have described a couple of simple Evil-Eye exorcism rituals, which can easily be implemented by any person to cure and give relief to a suspected victim of an Evil Eye.

Sankalp Siddhi Tratak Yantra

In this post, I have written about the method of making and using a Sankalp Siddhi Tratak Yantra or a charm for gazing with concentration and making any dear wish, dream or task come true.

Skull Worship and Human Sacrifice in India

Skull worship or Khopdi Sadhana is one of the most favored of the Tantric Rituals practiced by Aghori Tantriks in India. Some of these fearsome Sadhanas for Atma Raksha or self-protection from ghosts and other invisible malefic beings and also for getting beforehand knowledge of the things to occur in the future could have originated from the possibly extinct Kapalikas sect.

Best Days Timings and Directions for Tantrik Mantras

In this post, I have written about the recommended day of the week, Tithi and the best timings and directions for performing the 6 main categories of Tantrik Mantras namely Shanti Karma, Vashikaran/ Akarshan and Mohan, Uchchatan, Videshan, Stambhan and Maran.

Shri Krishna Mantra for Satyanarayan Puja

Satyanarayan Puja is one of the most popular and famous of Hindu religious rituals, which is dedicated to the Satyanarayan Form of Vishnu or the Vishnu Symbolizing the Eternal Truth. This Puja is said to resolve any kind of problem, including health, wealth and domestic issues and replace them with an atmosphere of auspiciousness and happiness.

Bina Mantra Ke Stri Vashikaran Totke

A couple of simple Bina Mantra Ke Stri Vashikaran Totke, which are said to give the desired results in casting a love spell of Vashikaran on a desired girl with whom the practitioner is most comfortable and friendly with has been described by me in this post.

Sarva Badha Nivaran Stotra of Bhairava

The Bhairav Mantra given in this post is also called as the Dwadash Naam Stotram of Bhairava. This is one the most effective and powerful prayers recited by Sidha Sadhaks for worshiping, appeasing and seeking the blessings of Lord Bhairava.

How to easily find your Own Ishta Devta

The Hindu religion lays great stress on the principle of the Ishta Devta or the Favored or Central Deity of a person. The Ishta Devta is the primary God or Goddess with whom a person vibrates most favorably and has a deeper connection, which goes back to his past births.

Masasn Rog Nivaran Yantra

In this post, I have written about a Healing Yantra, which is said to cure and give relief to a person suffering from Masaan Rog. Masaan Rog is more commonly called as Sukha Rog or Rickets hence, it should not be confused with Masaan Dosh or Badha, which is means the malefic and harmful energies that affects an unlucky person when he visits a Smashan Bhoomi or Hindu Crematorium.

Dakshin Mukhi Hanuman Mantra for Lakshmi Kripa

In this post, I have described the easy way to effectively utilize a verse from the Shri Ramcharitmanas and worship the Dakshin Mukhi Hanuman Murti for getting Lakshmi Kripa or the blessings of the Goddess of Money and Abundance Lakshmi.

Sarva Siddhi Dayak Nav Durga Bisa Yantra

In this post, I have written about the Shaktishali Sarva Siddhi Dayak Navdurga Bisa Yantra, which is said to help the dedicated Shakti Sadhak in his quest for getting Siddhi in various Mantra-Yantra and Tantra Sadhanas. The basic procedure of making this most powerful Bisa Yantra is described below.

Mantra Remedy to Recover Lost Thing

In this post, I have described the method of practicing a specific Mantra Experiment using a special Tantra to locate and find a lost or misplaced valuable thing, including gold and currency notes. In the Hindi language this Mantra Remedy is called as Gumi Hui Vastu Wapas Pane Ka Mantra Upay.

Interesting Facts about Ganesha in Numerology

In this post, I have written about some very interesting information about Ganesha and the number 3 in numerology. This is the 21st Century, which is also number 3 and there is a co-relation between it and the worship of Shri Ganesha.

Vashikaran Mantra using Spices to Cast Love Spell

In this post, I have written about a special Vashikaran Mantra for casting an Occult Attraction Spell upon any man and woman using assorted spices. In the Hindi Language, this Mantra Experiment is called as the Masale Dwara Stree Ya Purush Pe Vashikaran Karne Ka Mantra Prayog.

Remedy to Increase Saving which Works for Any Person

This remedy for retaining and saving money will work for any person, irrespective of whether that person in an atheist or a Nastik who does does not believe in the traditional forms or descriptions of God given in the religious scriptures of all religions or sects.

Shop Sales Increasing Mantra Chant

This is a most useful and beneficial Sales Increasing Mantra Chant for shopkeepers, vendors, including street vendors, hawkers and other businesspersons selling any kind of goods, including perishable food-stuff and vegetables.