Mantra for Slow Learner Child

A special Mantra Chant to open up the mind of a slow learner child or Mand Buddhi Balak Ka Dimag Thik Aur Tej Karne Ka Mantra has been described by me in this post. This Mantra, which is composed in an easy to understand and pronounce Hindi Language is especially useful for parents of such children who are searching for paranormal means to help their child overcome this learning related disability.

The child should first be made to learn this Mantra and then chant it daily for 15-20 minutes, whenever he is fresh.

This Mantra Chanting can also prove to be most effective and beneficial, if chanted in the morning after getting up or at night just before going to sleep.

This will help the child in his studies and he will be able to grasp and retain knowledge, which is relevant for examinations and other school activities.

Mantra for a Slow Learner Child to Overcome Learning Disability

बुद्धि दाता शिवजी विधाता, परमेश्वर बनकर जग चलाता, बुद्धि दो मुझको मैं धर्म पर चलता,सत्य को पूंजू धर्म पर चलना मेरा काम, बुद्धि की कणी खोले शिव-नारायण, सत्य कर्म करे जो नर-नारी जाप, शिव-लोक धाम पहुंचाय पैगाम, शिवजी सुने भगति नर-नारी जाये शिव-धाम, जय जय शिव-धाम ||
Buddha Data Shivji Vidhata, Parmeshvar Bankar Jag Chalata, Buddhi Do Mujhko Maim Dharm Par Chalta, Satya Ko Poomju Dharm Par Chalna Mera Kaam, Buddhi Ki Kani Khole Shiv-Narayan, Satya karma Kare Jo Nar-Nari Jaap, Shiv-Lok Dhaam Pahumchaaya Paigam, Shivji Sune Bhagati Nar-Nari Jaaye Shiv-Dhaam, Jai Jai Shiv-Dhaam ||

The Mantra can also work for adults wishing to improve their skill in grasping pure knowledge.

Note- The Mantra has the power and potency to open up the blocked or dormant mental abilities of an individual and implant pure and healthy thoughts into the mind.


  1. Please make a youtube video on this prathna, I have been doubting my mental abilities as of lately...


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