Vashikaran By Smell Totka to Attract Boy or Girl

Sugandh Dwara Vashikaran or Attraction By Way of Smell is one of the most popular and famous of the Vashikaran Totke practiced in order to bind and make a girl or boy co-operative under a Vashikaran Spell for the motive of love, friendship or marriage.

In this post, I have described the method of casting this Vashikaran Love Spell through Smell Love Spell on any longed-for man or woman.

To perform this Totka you have to gather the following ingredients.
1] Sarson Ke Ped Ke Phool [flowers of a mustard plant]
2] Khas [a few poppy seeds also called as vetiveria zizanioides]
3] A little bit of Koot herb [Saussurea costus in English]
4] A little bit of Tagar herb[Valeriana wallichii in English]
5] Root of Nagarmotha [commonly called as nut grass in English]

A Churna or powder has to be prepared by finely grinding all the above mentioned ingredients on a grinding board.

The Vashikaran Tantra says that if the targeted person is made to smell this powder, he or she will come under the Vashikaran Love Spell of the practitioner and will not disappoint the practitioner and fulfill his wishes.

In the Hindi language, this kind of Vashikaran remedy is also called as Gandh Ya Bas Dene Se Vashikaran Prayog. There are a large number of such Vashikaran By Smell Totke, the one described by me in this post is one of them.

This Vashikaran Totka can be practiced on any day and apart from what has been mentioned in this post, there is no need for any other ritual or Vashikaran Mantra for successfully casting this spell.

Note- Readers please note that the information given in this post is based upon the writings of the Vashikaran Tantra and is solely published for the sake of giving knowledge about Indian Magical and Voodoo Spells. 


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