Mantra to Find the Kind of Entity that is Troubling Someone

A Shabar Navnath Panthiya Mantra-Tantra Prayog to diagnose and find out the specific kind of Badha or Paranormal Obstacle and Barrier a person is affected with has been described by me in this post. This includes, problems from paranormal entities like Bhoot-Pret-Pishach, Upari-Hawa, Buri-Bala, Dakini-Shakini, Devta-Devi Badha or Obstacles and Barriers from Spirits, Ghosts, Demons and even Gods and Goddesses.

The Mantra given below is Mastered By Siddha Nath Panthiya Yogi and Sadhaks. Such Yogis can Master these kind of Shabar Mantras only by memorizing them completely and be able to recall them at will, whenever the need arises.

Others, wishing to learn this Tantra should do so under the special guidance of a Nath Panthiya Sadhak.
ॐ नामो दुग्ध दुग्ध धवलेश्वरी आदि मूल परमेश्वरी तोही देख बालक कंपै तख्त बैठा राजा कंपै नरन को करेजा कंपै आप चक्र फेरिपर चक्र स्थिर रक्ष रक्ष गोरखनाथ डाकिनी शाकिनी कुलदेव कामणदे प्रगास आइ हसे प्रकाशदे स्वाहा ||
Om Nam Dugdh Dugdh Dhavaleshvari Aadi Mool Parameshvari Tohi Dekh Baalak Kampai Takht Baitha Raja Kampai Naran Ko Kareja Kampai Aap Chakra Feripar Chakra Sthir Raksh Raksh Gorakhnath Dakini Shakini Kuldev Kaamanade Pragaas Aae Hase Prakashde Swaha ||

The special Tantra to find out name of the entity is described below. This Tantra filters out the specific kind of entity, which is bothering the sufferer.

The 16 names of paranormal and mystical entities, mentioned below should be written on pieces of white paper and the pieces of paper should be placed under 16 Oil Lamps[Tel Ke Diye] and all the Diyas should be lit.

1] Dakini
2] Shakini
3] Bhoot
4] Pret
5] Jandani
6] Aaut
7] Pitar
8] Naharsimh
9] Kaaman
10] Kuladevi
11] Jaladevi
12] Kshetrapaali
13] Kalikshetrafhali
14] Karmarog
15] Sheetdosh
16] Mundi

Then, a new and unused Kund[the one used in performing Havans] should be kept inverted over all the 16 Oil Lamps.

Then, the Tantric has to keep throwing Kale Urad Ke Dane[whole split black grams]on the Kund, while chanting the Mantra.

Then, the Tantric has to remove the Kund and the Diya, which Keeps on burning, is Diya of the entity that is responsible for the paranormal disturbances and problems faced by the sufferer.

This procedure enables the Tantric to find out the exact kind of Upay or remedy, which will be able to remove and exorcise or pacify that entity and give relief to the sufferer and put an end to his sorrows and sufferings. 


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