Mantra for Anger Removal from Enemy

In this post, I have written about a Siddha Shabar Vidya Mantra for removing anger from an enemy, rival or competitor  by calming him down and making him amicable and friendly. The Mantra is said to cast a soothing Vashikaran Spell on the angry person and quickly change his mood for the better.

This, as mentioned above is a Siddha Shabar Mantra and one gains control over the Mantra when one is able to memorize the Mantra by heart and is able to chant it anytime without faltering or trying to remember it.

शूल शूल कि तोला मूकी उठ मलेकी पतास कुण्डे लाग भेल कि सभा जुडे भेल कि चले आगे  | आमि जारे सलाम करि भेल की लागे तारे वेडे आजार पांजेर लाग, चके मुके लाग, होक सिध्दि गुरुरपा दोहाई  | काटर कानि आरमा, हाडिर फ़िर आज्ञा चण्डी रूप  |
Shool Shool Ki Tolaa Mooki Uth Maleki Pataas Kunde Laag Bhel Ki Sabha Jude Bhel Ki Chale Aage | Aami Jaare Salaam Kari Bhel Ki Laage Taare Vede Aajaar Paamjer Laag, Chake Muke Laag, Hok Sidhdi Gururapaa Dohaaee | Kaatar Kaani Aaramaa, Haadir Fir Aagyaa Chandi Roop |

To use the Mantra, the practitioner has to come face to face with the angry enemy and gaze at him confidently and chant the Mantra 3 times and then blow his breath in the direction of the enemy.

Doing this, the Tantra says will remove negative feelings or hatred for the practitioner from the mind of the enemy and problems and disputes with the enemy can be resolve peacefully without fights or arguments.


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