Islamic Vashikaran Mantra using Halwa

In this post, I have written about an Shabar Islamic Vashikaran Mantra Experiment using Halwa. This particular experiment is used to cast an Sammohan Spell or a Hypnotic Spell of Enchantment and Fascination on any man or woman for any purpose, including love, marriage, business or money.

The procedure of Mastering this Shabar Vidya Islamic Hypnotism Spell is a lengthy one and needs patience and single minded dedication in order to make it work.

1] Start the Mantra Prayog on a Friday.

2] Keep a heap of wheat grains in front of you in a large Thali and then take a single wheat grain in your right hand and chant the Vashikaran Mantra [given below] and then keep the Vashikaran Mantra Abhimantrit wheat grain in another container.

हलवा द्वारा सबको वश में लाने वाला मुसलमानी वशीकरण मंत्र इन हिंदी एंड इंग्लिश 
Musalmani Vashikaran Mantra Using Halwa to Attract any Person in Hindi and English

कालू मुंह धोई करूं सलाम मेरे नैन सुरमा बसे जो निरखे सो पायन पड़े गोसुल आजम दस्तगीर की दुहाई ||
Kaaloo Mumha Dhoi Karum Salaam Mere Nain Surmaa Base Jo Nirkhe So Paayan Pade Gosul Aajam Dastigir Ki Duhai ||

3] The same procedure has to be performed 125,000 times in all on 125,000 separate wheat grains.

4] Then, half the wheat grains [62,500] have to be grounded to prepare wheat flour and Halwa has to be prepare using it, other essential ingredients normally used in the making of Halwa like Milk, Cardamon Powder and Dry Fruits Powder can be used as per your desire.

5] Then, this Halwa has to be offered to Gausul Azam Dastagir and then distributed in his name to others, the practitioner should also consume some of the Halwa.

6] The rest of the Mantra Abhimintrit wheat grains can also be used in the home of the practitioner.

7] Then, to actually use the Voodoo Hypnotism Spell to bind any person and bring that person under your control and management you have to chant the Vashikaran Mantra 7 times and apply Surma [Kohl] in your eyes and make eye contact with that person. This the Sammohan Tantra says will subdue and enslave that person and make him or her act as per your diktat or commands.

Note- Article written solely to give information on rare Shabar Mantra Vidya experiments practiced by spell-casters and practitioners of Vashikaran Vidya in India and not to advocate its practice.

This site has not heard about any person who has successfully implemented this Vashikaran Tantra and hence is not in a position to vouch for its success..


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