Shop Sales Increasing Mantra Chant

This is a most useful and beneficial Sales Increasing Mantra Chant for shopkeepers, vendors, including street vendors, hawkers and other businesspersons selling any kind of goods, including perishable food-stuff and vegetables.

The Mantra experiment can be started on any auspicious occasion, Hindu festival, Shubh Tithi or Muhurat.

The practitioner should have a bath and wear clean clothes and sit down on a white colored sitting mat and keep Akshata [rice grains used in Hindu religious ritual and ceremonies, especially marriage ceremonies] in a small plate in-front of him.

Akshata or colored rice grains in Hindu ritual and ceremonies and marriage rites.

Then, he should light an oil lamp and a couple of Agarbatti in-front of the Akshata and chant the Mantra given below 500 times using his preferred counting rosary.

ॐ नमो भगवउ गोयमस्य सिध्दंस्स बुध्दस्स अक्खीण महाणसस्स अवतर अवतर स्वाहा ||
Om Namo Bhagavau Goyamasya Sidhdamssa Budhdassa Akkhina Mahaanasassa Avatar Avatar Swaha ||

This procedure infuses the Akshata with the beneficial vibrations and frequencies of the Mantra.

He should then take the Abhimintrit Akshata to his shop or business-place and sprinkle them on the goods he has kept for sale.

The Tantra says that doing so will increase the sales of the goods in his shop of business-place.

Notes- This Mantra originates from Jainism.

In the Hindi language this Mantra is called as the Dukan Me Maal ki Bikri Badhane Ka Mantra.

The Mantra Experiment to increase sales can be performed daily, if the practitioner finds it beneficial and experiences an unusual increase in the sales of the good he has kept for sale.

Increase in sales also means an increase in the turnover and profit of the business.

This is a Satvik or Pure Mantra Chant, which will work for honest shopkeepers and not for those attempting to dupe their customers by keeping fake and counterfeit and low quality goods for sale. 



    SIR IM RUNNING A CLASSES SO SO WHERE I SHOULD SPRINKLE THOSE RICE TO INCREASE THE FLOW OF STUDENTS ADMISSION and we have to colour those rice as shown above in the picture? can we do this chanting at office place any direction to be face and chant


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