Remedy to Know if Evil Eye has been Destroyed

In this post, I have described an interesting Indian exorcism ritual to remove the Evil- Eye from a suspected victim and to know whether the Evil-Eye has been destroyed. In case, the Evil-Eye, still persists, then, I have described a couple of simple Evil-Eye exorcism rituals, which can easily be implemented by any person to cure and give relief to a suspected victim of an Evil Eye.

1] This Totka, which is called in the Hindi language as the Buri Nazar Utri Hai Ya Nahi Ye Janne Ka Totka can be practiced anytime either on a Saturday or a Sunday.

2] The person suspected of being infected by the Evil-Eye, should be made to stand, in-front of the practitioner and the practitioner should take milk in a small utensil and rotate it 3 times, from head to toe, over the body of the suspected victim, in a clockwise manner.

4] Then, the milk should be poured into a clay pot [Mitti Ka Matka] and given to a dog to drink. If the dog drinks the milk, then the Evil-Eye has been removed from the body and surroundings of the suspected victim.

If the dog does not drink the milk, then, it can be assumed that the Evil-Eye has not been destroyed, in such a case, any of the 2 Totke given below can be practiced to eradicate the Evil-Eye. If you do not find the remedies given below satisfactory, you can practice any of the Nazar Dosh removal rituals given in the section - Exorcism Rituals

1] The suspected victim should be made to sit down in the center place just outside the main door of the house, facing inwards and a fistful of Shenda Namak [rock salt] should be rotated 7 times in a clockwise manner over his body.

The rock salt can then be disposed off by throwing it outside the house in a gutter or dust bin.

2] The practitioner has to make a Diya of Gehun Ka Atta[oil lamp made from the dough of wheat flour] and put any edible oil and a wick made from black colored thread and 2 dried red chills in the Diya and then light the wick and rotate the Diya 7 times in a clockwise manner around the body of the suspected victim.

Then the Diya can be disposed off by keeping it in a chouraha, which is the meeting point of 4 roads.

Note- These are stand-alone Buri Nazar removal Totke and there is not need to Chant any Mantra, Stotra of Prarthana, before or after practicing these rituals. If you want, just a remembrance of your favored deity will be sufficient.


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